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  1. commuting woes
    MTA Previews ‘Summer of Hell’ for LIRR RidersAlmost 10,000 commuters will be affected and have been instructed to warn their employers in advance.
  2. More Than 100 Injured After LIRR Train Derails at Atlantic Terminal, BrooklynThe worst of the injuries is reportedly a broken leg.
  3. awful things
    Two People Killed by LIRR in Queens and No One Is Surprised “People are always up there all hours of the night.”
  4. blizzard of 2015
    What You Need to Know About Transportation (or Lack Thereof) During the BlizzardNew York City’s streets will be closed to non-emergency vehicles starting at 11 p.m.
  5. horrible things
    Local Professor Identified as Victim of Long Island BeheadingA horrifying murder-suicide.
  6. stand clear of the closing doors
    LIRR Strike Averted; Peaceful de Blasio Vacation SavedThe mayor can now go to Italy without worrying.
  7. The LIRR Bans Drinking During SantaConEvery little bit helps.
  8. LIRR Is Inadequate Getaway Vehicle for Cash-Register BurglarYou kind of need a trunk for this sort of thing.
  9. Exclusive Clip from LIRR Massacre DocumentaryThe clip includes interviews with survivors. 
  10. sad things
    Pair Killed in LIRR Suicide Pact Were Reportedly Star-Crossed LoversEverything about this is awful.
  11. sad things
    Two Dead in Possible LIRR Suicide PactWitnesses said the victims jumped into the train.
  12. stand clear of the closing doors
    LIRR Derailment Makes Rush Hour Commute Extra MiserableNo injuries, but plenty of delays.
  13. kids today
    The Happiest LIRR Car Ever Will Make You Hate EverythingElectric Daisy Carnival happened in Queens.
  14. idiots
    LIRR Surfer Finds a More Dangerous Way to CommuteHope he’s comfortable up there.
  15. crimes and misdemeanors
    LIRR Employees Busted for Stealing Copper WireAnd selling it for over $250,000.
  16. hurricane sandy
    Long Island Railroad Will Resume Regular Service on MondayAnother sign of post-Sandy normalcy. 
  17. transportation
    Penn Station Suspends Train Service at Worst Possible MomentIt would be impressive if it weren’t so nightmarish.
  18. time mismanagement
    Inspector Says LIRR Repair Crews Did Whole Lot of Nothing, Got Paid a LotWorking on the railroad the system.
  19. the hamptons
    Getting to the Hamptons Can Be Pretty StressfulIf you take public transportation, that is. 
  20. drinking
    Pour One Out for the Bros and Girls of the LIRRThe weekend alcohol ban is upon them.
  21. transportation
    LIRR Bans Late-Night Weekend DrinkingJust on the weekends, though.
  22. smokin’!
    Joe Namath, Real Housewife Pushing LIRR/Metro-North Smoking BanNot all A-listers, exactly.
  23. crimes and misdemeanors
    Ten Arrested in $1 Billion Long Island Rail Road ‘Disability Mill’ ScamRailroad riches are no more.
  24. lirr
    Lightning Strikes the LIRR“Every time there’s a weather condition, it knocks out on the Long Island Rail Road.”
  25. rock you like a hurricane
    The MTA Comes Crawling Back [Updated]It will take a while for the MTA to get back to its usual just-barely-functioning self.
  26. the young and the cashless
    Technology-Dependant Yuppies Practically Bankrupting LIRRWhat is this cash you speak of?
  27. geniuses
    Introducing the LIRR ‘Gap Rap’Dr. John Clarke drops another hit.
  28. stand clear of the closing doors
    MTA Planning High-Speed Internet on Medium-Speed Metro-North and LIRR TrainsKnowing the MTA, it probably won’t happen.
  29. Random People Need to Stop Driving TrainsWe can’t believe this is an issue.
  30. the morning line
    It’s Giuliani Time • Rudy and Hillary, together again for the very first time. That’s right — Giuliani all but declared his presidential bid yesterday, filing a “Statement of Candidacy” with the FEC, meaning that the two candidates’ aborted Y2K power grapple for the Senate could finally be revived on a national stage. [NYT] • Mayor Mike Bloomberg rips into the $330 million hole in city funding created by Governor Eliot Spitzer’s new budget, claiming the cuts will rob NYC of twice that amount — and questioning Spitz’s claim that closing up some tax loopholes will balance out the loss. [NYP] • Six panhandlers sue the city for illegally arresting them after one of their own, Eddie Wise, scored $100,000 after a similar suit. They are just a few of a possible 7,000 such wrongful haul-ins. [NYDN] • Having obviously visited the wrong debt-management counselor, a Queens man beats a cop with a bat and steals his gun, aiming to pull off robberies to pay back $16,000. The cop is in critical but stable condition and the arrested thug faces 25 to life, with the debt still unpaid, presumably. [Newsday] • President Bush is putting $1.3 billion into the federal budget to help complete the Second Avenue subway — not to mention $215 mil to aid in bringing the Long Island Rail Road to Grand Central Terminal. [amNY]
  31. the morning line
    No Justice, No Peace, as They Say • Several hundreds of people took over Wall Street to protest the police’s killing of Sean Bell and what they see as the NYPD’s failure to punish the guilty. They were met with almost as many police officers, some undercover; for a march that called for a “war on the NYPD,” the protest went without an incident. [amNY] • The State Liquor Authority is cracking down on all-night New Year’s Eve parties, nixing dozens of bars’ requests to stay open late on December 31. (The permit is usually easily granted.) [NYP] • In a similar crypto-Prohibitionist vein, the proposed alcohol ban on Metro-North and LIRR is about to deny suburban commuters one of their few remaining joys in life. Or is it? Meet Commuters Aligned for Responsible Enjoyment, or CARE, a quickly assembled opposition group. Vive la Resistance! [NYDN] • It’s a bit unexpected after all those mayoral pronouncements about the coming population boom, but NYC’s birth rate is way down, at a 25-year low, in fact. Officials call it a quality-of-life achievement, however, since the most rapidly declining subset is teenage births. [NYS] • And the Times tut-tuts the “phantasmagoric, Disney-esque experience” sweeping the suburbs: giant inflatable lawn figures causing an “intramural disagreement among the Christmas crazed.” [NYT]
  32. the morning line
    Like Candy From a Little Leaguer • Yesterday we told you that Queens assemblyman Bruce McLaughlin was about to surrender on some corruption charges. That was, it turns out, an understatement. The Feds cuffed McLaughlin for stealing a cool $2.2 million in awesome ways and from awesome sources — including Little League teams. [NYDN] • A report by the state comptroller (yes, our chauffeurless pal Alan Hevesi) says Wall Streeters earn an average of $289,664 — more than five times the city’s average. Even more spectacular, the financial industry’s pay rates grow faster — a shocking 36 percent over the last two years. Of course, someone has to pay for bottle service. [NYP] • The battle is on for the title of the 300 millionth American (Manhattan’s splendidly named Zoë Emille Hudson is but one contender). The Times raises a great and uncharacteristically naughty point: Why does everyone assume that yesterday’s arrival was born yesterday? And not, say, smuggled across the border? [NYT] • LIRR is shifting 2,000 feet of track to fix the dangerous gap between the train and the platform at Shea and plans to do the same at other stations. Each year about 60 people fall in; we recall that last month one such victim was a former state senator. Coincidence? [amNY] • And the Village Voice’s “Best of NYC” issue is out, complete with the ailing weekly’s trademark mix of picks offbeat (Best Aroma Inside an ATM), earnest (Best Bus), and unfortunate (Best Performance Art Space for Dinner and a Movie goes to Monkeytown, which announced its closing weeks ago). [VV]