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Liskula Cohen

  1. models and bottles
    Hackers Stand Up for SkankbloggerOr maybe just her mom. Or anyone with a computer. Or a library card.
  2. models and bottles
    Model-Skank Blogger Is Basically James MadisonThe right to call someone a skank may go all the way to the Supreme Court.
  3. models and bottles
    The Two Sides of Accused Model-Skank Liskula CohenThere’s the forgiving Cohen. And then there’s the Cohen that scares Andrea Peyser nearly speechless.
  4. models and bottles
    Resolution of Model-Tormentor Mystery Kind of a LetdownThis had the potential to be way more entertaining.
  5. models and bottles
    Model Will Find Out Who’s Been Calling Her a SkankIs this really something she wants to know?
  6. models and bottles
    Liskula Cohen Is Not a Skank!But we’d venture to say she might be kind of a publicity whore.