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Little People

  1. little people
    Little Handyman Sues Big Bully BossJuan Pablo Pichardo is sick and tired of being treated like a child.
  2. dwarf economic index
    St. Patrick’s Day Dwarf Hiring Spree Indicates Financial Sector Back in the Swing of ThingsThe return of the Dwarf Economic Index.
  3. the daily intel dwarf economic index
    Dwarf Activity Suggests U.K. Economy Getting Back on TrackA British investment bank seeks to hire dwarfs.
  4. economic indicators
    Dwarf for Hire: ‘Life Is Good’Introducing the Daily Intel Dwarf Economic Index.
  5. bad luck charms
    Wall Street’s Relationship With Dwarves: A Short HistoryIt’s all fun and games until you hire a little person.
  6. white men with money (on paper)
    Phil Falcone Forced to Find a New Way to Pay the BillsThe financier has to post art as collateral to keep a $50 million roof over his family’s head.
  7. women we love
    Lisa Falcone: ‘God Gave Me Something That I’m Better at Than Anyone Else. And That’s Being Me.’She really is good at it.
  8. america the awesome
    Foreclosed-Upon Homeowner Fails to Be Pissed That John Paulson Made Billions Shorting His House“More power to him.”
  9. in other news
    Citigroup Theft Fails to Ignite Federal InvestigationIn the shadows of the glittering towers of Wall Street there lurk the little people, and from them comes the story of one Samuel Sanders, a Citigroup mailroom employee who was arrested yesterday for stealing … office supplies. Sanders thought he was being super-clever when he ordered 1,000 extra Canon toner cartridges on Citigroup’s account and resold them online, but he was no match for his eagle-eyed co-workers, who caught him stuffing them into company Fed Ex boxes. The most tragic part? The cartridges were valued at $50,000, but Sanders only got $14,500 online, making this what must be the least profitable white-collar crime ever. Police Blotter [NYPost]