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    Why Are Thousands of People Watching a Livestream of This Man Sleeping?“I thought, What would happen if I turned on Periscope and just let people watch me sleep — for laughs?
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    How Does Hulu’s $40-a-Month Live-TV Service Stack Up?Hulu makes a play for cord-cutters.
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    Sling TV Is the Best Live-TV Streaming ServiceThe best way to cut the cord.
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    If You Steal a Cop Car, Maybe Don’t Stream Your Escape on Facebook LiveHe allegedly used the police officer’s iPad to stream while driving.
  5. A Guide to Streaming the Debates Online, Based on Comment SectionsEvery social network brings its own gestalt to the proceedings.
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    Inmate Smuggles Phone Into Jail, Streams Live on Facebook7,000 people watched the video before it was taken down.
  7. Watching This Corpse-Flower Livestream Is Strangely CalmingAll the beauty, none of the rotting-flesh smell.
  8. Democratic and Republican National Conventions Get Hip, Will Stream on TwitterTwitter is diving further into the livestreaming business.
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    This Bears-Catching-Salmon Live Cam Is the Best Thing the Internet Has to OfferA literal live stream.
  10. How This Unknown Livestreaming App Jumped to the Top of the Apple ChartsTeens. And more teens. And some other factors, but mostly teens.
  11. What Facebook Live Is and Why You Should Care Facebook Live is here to stay, because Facebook wants it to, and Facebook gets what it wants.
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    Facebook Decides to Eat Livestreaming NowGet ready for more live video.