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    Be Twice As Annoying by Going Live on Instagram With a FriendThe feature rolls out to all users today.
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    Aquarium Throws Expert Political Shade With Jellyfish Livestream“The world is filled with heartless, brainless, and spineless animals.”
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    Report: Facebook Will Stop Paying Publishers to Make Live VideoAn odd experiment comes to a close.
  4. Instagram Gets Its Own Version of Live VideoAnd disappearing messages, too.
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    The People Who Made Meerkat Know That Live Video Is BustedThe public format isn’t useful for the average user.
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    Snapchat Ends Local Stories, Which Is a Bummer Because They Were Actually GoodWe’ll miss you.
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    Facebook Messenger Takes Swing at Snapchat With Live VideoThis feels familiar.
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    New York Times Public Editor Hates Facebook Live As Much As You DoThe paper is producing more than 100 videos every month.
  9. Facebook Has Accidentally Created a Great Tool for JournalismAnother breaking event shows that the format’s strengths run counter to Facebook’s intent.
  10. Is Facebook Ready to Be a Protest Platform?Until this week, Facebook’s live-video push has been focused on mainstream figures.
  11. This Is What Social-Media Live Video Is ForFacebook Live and Periscope can be useful. But they’re not going to save digital publishing (or Facebook).
  12. What Is Live Video For?Facebook’s dubious attempt to turn livestreaming into the next form of television.
  13. Call Out Your Problematic Faves in Real Time With Tumblr Live VideoYet another live-video service gets rolling.
  14. This Is What Facebook Live Is For: Blowing Up Watermelons With Rubber BandsWhat does it all mean?
  15. What Facebook Live Is and Why You Should Care Facebook Live is here to stay, because Facebook wants it to, and Facebook gets what it wants.