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  1. early and often
    U.S. House Votes On Foreign Aid Package For Ukraine, Israel, And Taiwan
    House Passes Ukraine, Israel Aid: How It HappenedThe House approved a $95 billion aid package for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan on Saturday, as Speaker Mike Johnson faced a crucial test.
  2. trump trial
    Man Who Self-Immolated Near Trump Trial Dies: How It HappenedA disturbed 37-year-old man published a manifesto of conspiratorial beliefs shortly before igniting himself.
  3. what we know
    NYPD Arrests Pro-Palestinian Protesters at Columbia University: How It HappenedMore than 100 people were arrested after Columbia University requested an NYPD crackdown on the protesters’ encampment.
  4. liveblog
    Rocket trails in the sky above the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem.
    What Will Iran’s Attack on Israel Mean? Live Updates.Iran’s air assault on Israel, and how Israel now responds, could prompt a regional war. Here’s the latest reaction, commentary, and analysis.
  5. liveblog
    Total Solar Eclipse Stretches Across North America From Mexico To Canada
    The 2024 Solar Eclipse Was Awesome: HighlightsAmerica experienced a rare celestial treat on Monday. Here’s how it unfolded.
  6. liveblog
    Communities In The Path Of Totality Prepare For Monday's Solar Eclipse
    Are You Ready for the Eclipse? Live UpdatesWe’re following all the pre-totality mania ahead of Monday’s big celestial event.
  7. earthquake!
    Earthquake and Aftershock Shake New York City: Live UpdatesThe widely felt evening aftershock registered a preliminary 4.0 magnitude, according to the USGS.
  8. liveblog
    Trump Crushes In Iowa, DeSantis a Distant Second: Live UpdatesNikki Haley fell to third, and Vivek Ramaswamy dropped out afterward.
  9. liveblog
    Final Countdown to the GOP Iowa CaucusesIt’s still seriously cold.
  10. liveblog
    Harvard’s President to Stay On in Role: Live UpdatesJust days after Penn’s president announced her resignation, Harvard’s governing board said Claudine Gay will stay on as president.
  11. liveblog
    George Santos Has Been Expelled From Congress: Live UpdatesThey already changed the locks on his office.
  12. politics
    Trump Fraud Trial Live Updates: Don Jr. Returns to Witness Stand for the DefenseThe eldest Trump son previously testified in the civil financial-fraud case against him and his family at the beginning of the month.
  13. early and often
    Ivanka Gives Poised Testimony, Still Hurts Dad in Fraud CaseWhile Ivanka didn’t make any big missteps or explode like her father, her testimony let the attorney general’s office admit damning evidence.
  14. israel-hamas war
    Israel-Hamas War Live Updates: Israeli Forces Push Deeper Into GazaCrowds of desperate Gazans broke into U.N. aid warehouses on Saturday.
  15. israel-hamas war
    Israel-Hamas War: Who Is to Blame for Gaza City Hospital Blast?A look at what the experts are saying.
  16. what we know
    Israel Pulverizing Gaza By Air After Hamas Attack: Live UpdatesPresident Biden called Saturday’s Hamas attack “an act of sheer evil” and vowed to send even more aid to Israel.
  17. government shutdown
    Government Shutdown Live Updates: Shutdown AvertedThe Senate overwhelmingly passed the House’s stopgap spending bill, which means the government will be funded for another 45 days.
  18. environment
    Scenes From a Flooded New York Subway evacuations, school day chaos, a missing mayor, and at least one fugitive sea lion.
  19. republican debate
    Republican Debate: 33 Things You MissedAmid a cacophony of interruptions, the fracas featured Mike Pence’s sex life, DeSantis vs. Trump, Vivek’s hair, Haley’s haymakers, and war on TikTok.
  20. liveblog
    Burning Man Freed From MudThe roads to and from the massive desert festival reopened on Monday, and the gridlocked exodus began.
  21. republican debate
    34 Things You Missed at the First Republican DebateThe candidates danced around Trump, called for invading Mexico, and ganged up on Vivek Ramaswamy. Here are the highs and lows.
  22. hurricane hilary
    Southern California Inspects Damage As Hilary Finally Sweeps ThroughFloods and broken rainfall records are left behind by Tropical Storm Hilary.
  23. what we know
    Maui Wildfires Reach Grim Milestone: Live UpdatesThe still-rising death toll has reached 96, making the disaster the deadliest wildfire in the U.S. in more than a century.
  24. gilgo beach murders
    Judge Orders Heuermann to Provide DNA Sample: UpdatesHeuermann’s lawyer had claimed prosecutors did not have probable cause to compel a sample.
  25. extreme weather
    Severe Storms Threaten Much of East Coast: UpdatesSome tornados were reported, but so far it seems the thunderstorms didn’t pack as much of a punch as they were forecast to.
  26. what we know
    Trump Is Still Lashing Out Following Indictment: UpdatesHe is posting through it.
  27. live blog
    What UFO Whistleblower David Grusch Told CongressUnder oath, former intelligence officer David Grusch stood by his bold allegations that the Pentagon is hiding evidence of alien technology.
  28. extreme weather
    Vermont Hit With Disastrous Rainfall as Storms Strike the Northeast: UpdatesMontpelier, the state’s capital city, was still underwater on Tuesday morning.
  29. liveblog
    Fallout From SCOTUS Affirmative Action, Student-Loan Decisions: Live UpdatesWe’re tracking the news and commentary regarding the controversial decisions and what impact they may have.
  30. liveblog
    Putin Says Wagner Will Be ‘Brought to Justice’: UpdatesIn his first public statement since the insurrection, Putin dismissed the plot as an “outside” threat in an attempt to shore up domestic support.
  31. liveblog
    Trump Kept Secret Docs in Mar-a-Lago Bathroom: Live UpdatesThe feds unseal the indictment complete with pictures of the nation’s secrets splayed across his properties.
  32. liveblog
    The Debt Ceiling Bill Faces Its First Test: Live UpdatesBefore the deal goes to a full House vote, it has to pass a GOP-controlled committee where far-right members could potentially slow things down.
  33. liveblog
    Jordan Neely’s Killer Insists He Isn’t Racist: Live UpdatesDaniel Penny, who has been charged with second-degree manslaughter, made his first public comments on Saturday.
  34. liveblog
    Trump Allies Claim He Used CNN: Live UpdatesThe fallout over CNN’s Trump town hall is continuing.
  35. what we know
    8 Dead After Motorist Drives SUV Into Group of Migrants in TexasThe driver, who was identified on Monday, has been arrested and charged with eight counts of manslaughter.
  36. liveblog
    Why Did Fox News Fire Tucker Carlson? What We Know.The host’s misogyny is a leading theory for his sudden downfall.
  37. liveblog
    Trump Attacks Judge and His Family: Live UpdatesTrump’s relatively short speech was packed with grievance and broadsides.
  38. live blog
    Kevin McCarthy’s Humiliation Finally Ends: Live UpdatesIt took 15 rounds and some messy late-night drama, but McCarthy was finally elected Speaker.
  39. liveblog
    The Red Wave That Wasn’t: UpdatesBiden said Wednesday that voters had proven that “democracy is who we are.”
  40. liveblog
    Liz Truss Is Out. Could Boris Johnson Get Back In?To some Tories, the scandal-riddled ex-PM is looking pretty good now.
  41. covid-19
    What We Do and Don’t Know About the Omicron VariantThe variant is now the most common strain in the U.S. and appears well on its way to becoming dominant worldwide.
  42. extreme weather
    Many Feared Dead After Tornadoes Tear Through Central U.S.: UpdatesAt least 50 people may have been killed at a factory in Kentucky. More than 30 tornadoes struck at least six states overnight Friday.
  43. liveblog
    Confused Nation Keeps Refreshing As Facebook, Instagram Disappear: UpdatesThe mysterious outage appears to be ending.
  44. hurricane ida
    Some Power Restored in New Orleans: UpdatesOutages remain widespread, and Governor John Bel Edwards told those who evacuated not to “come home before.”
  45. liveblog
    Biden Won’t Acknowledge Any Afghanistan Mistakes: UpdatesIn an ABC interview, the president wouldn’t concede that anything could have gone better on the ground.
  46. liveblog
    Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson Go to Space: UpdatesThe nearly 71-year-old billionaire and a group of test pilots plan to make a brief journey to the stars on Sunday.
  47. liveblog
    Eric Adams Declares Victory in Mayoral Primary: UpdatesHe narrowly defeated Kathryn Garcia after absentee ballots were finally counted.
  48. india
    India Sees 400,000 New Cases in a Day: COVID-Crisis UpdatesThere’s still no end in sight.
  49. liveblog
    One Big Ship Crisis Ends, It Might Not Be the Last: UpdatesStuck ships like the Ever Given aren’t the only threat to global shipping.
  50. texas
    Water Shortages Still Plague Texas in Aftermath of Winter Storm: UpdatesPresident Biden has signed a major disaster declaration, half the state is facing a water shortage, and the political fallout is intensifying.
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