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Livery Cabs

  1. vigilante vs machete
    Livery Cabbies Get Posse Together to Defend Their Own When confronted with a machete in Queens.
  2. very sad things
    Driver Killed by His Own Vehicle in MidtownA freak accident in midtown.
  3. crimes and misdemeanors
    Cab Driver Stabs Would-Be Passengers [Updated]One died from his injuries.
  4. crimes and misdemeanors
    Livery Cab Driver Stabbed in the Eye DiesIn a dispute with two passengers.
  5. scary things
    Cop Somersaults Through Times SquareIt wasn’t as fun as it sounds.
  6. and step on it!
    Judge Blocks Outer-Borough Taxi PlanThis changes … very little.
  7. crimes and misdemeanors
    ‘Find My iPhone’ App Helps Bust Livery Driver in Sexual AssaultFind my attacker.
  8. new york’s taxi wars
    City’s New Five-Borough Cabs Stall in Court [Updated]City was planning to issue first permits within days.
  9. hail no
    Cab Drivers Still Fighting Livery BillThey filed for an injunction yesterday.
  10. human rights
    Livery Cabs Won’t Force You to Endure Taxi TVUnless your driver is a jerk/idiot.
  11. taxi!
    Will Livery Drivers Say ‘Hail No’ to the Outer-Borough Taxi Plan?New medallions might be worth their weight in tin.
  12. transportation
    Three Livery Cab Drivers Have Been Attacked This MonthYikes.
  13. taxi!
    Hailing a Livery Cab About to Be As Legal As You Always Thought It WasWhat Albany was doing when it wasn’t passing gay marriage.
  14. and step on it!
    Men in Unmarked Cars May Soon Pick You Up in the Outer BoroughsLivery cabs can now legally pick people up off the streets in new areas.
  15. transit
    Woman Gives Birth in the Back of an Arecibo Cab“The cleanup took a while,” he said. “But that was no big deal.”