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  1. foreign interests
    The Bonfire of the ToriesBoris Johnson’s comeback attempt failed, but that won’t save the party from itself.
  2. foreign interests
    Boris Johnson Could Really, Actually Be Prime Minister AgainNothing signifies “return to stability” like BoJo.
  3. liveblog
    Liz Truss Is Out. Could Boris Johnson Get Back In?To some Tories, the scandal-riddled ex-PM is looking pretty good now.
  4. foreign affairs
    All Hell Broke Loose in British Politics on WednesdayIn the longevity contest battle between Prime Minister Liz Truss and a head of lettuce, the lettuce looks pretty good.
  5. foreign affairs
    U.K. Prime Minister Liz Truss Is in a Battle for Survival With a Head of LettuceShe sacked a deputy to appease critics of her disastrous economic plan, but a piece of produce may outlast her.
  6. royals
    King Charles Doesn’t Care for Liz Truss, Isn’t Afraid to Show ItKing Charles III didn’t conceal his lack of enthusiasm for the new prime minister, greeting her with a “Dear, oh dear.”
  7. the money game
    Monday Was Just Another Horrible Day for MarketsThere are so many things going wrong that it’s hard to keep track.
  8. foreign interests
    In Liz Truss, the Era of Boris ContinuesWhat has Johnson’s culture of corruption wrought?