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  1. Beautiful: This Former Criminal Just Got the Second Chance Of a LifetimeMichael Flynn is back in the lobbying business.
  2. Lobbying Ban Be Damned, Trump Transition Staffers Have Migrated to K StreetAt least nine vets of the team have registered as lobbyists, Politico reports.
  3. politics
    Trump Signs More Vague Executive Orders, Wants Non-Secret Plan to Defeat ISISThe pen-happy, plan-lite president has signaled his desire to combat lobbying, be ready for cyberattacks, and have a strategy about ISIS.
  4. Lobbyist Hater Corey Lewandowski Is Opening a Lobbying FirmDonald Trump’s former campaign manager promises to advance his agenda from outside the White House.
  5. early and often
    Trump Introduces Unprecedented 5-Year Lobbying BanThe effort to “drain the swamp” will make the hiring process more difficult.
  6. John Boehner Has a New Job on K Street, But Don’t Call Him a LobbyistAnd another new job with a tobacco company.
  7. Report: Paul Manafort Helped Ukraine Lobby American Lawmakers in SecretTrump’s campaign chairman allegedly helped a pro-Putin party covertly lobby Congress — with the help of a firm founded by Clinton’s campaign chairman.
  8. When Will Potential 2016 Candidates Discuss the ‘Extraterrestrial Issue’?Activists want our next president to be more transparent about what’s out there.
  9. the national interest
    Today’s Window Into the Washington BubbleHill newspaper complains lobbyists are being ignored.
  10. taxe$
    Doing Your Taxes Is Hard Because of LobbyistsTurboTax’s maker is fighting to keep your taxes confusing.
  11. people who grew up in meatpacking towns
    Tim ‘Meat-Packing Town’ Pawlenty Will Now Lead a Large Bank LobbyThe American Dream.
  12. cash rules everything around me
    Obama Campaign Is Splitting Hairs When Defining ‘Lobbyist’Splitting hairs? In politics?
  13. k street
    Record Amount Spent on Lobbying in 2009Main Street has a new enemy.