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  1. house democrats
    Pelosi’s Successor Will Face Bigger Problems Than ‘Democrats in Disarray’Factional conflicts won’t be as big of a headache for the next Speaker if the midterms shift the balance of power in Washington.
  2. coronavirus
    Lobbyists Swarm as Congress Prepares Massive Aid BillWhen the dinner bell rings, all sorts of hungry industries are making a case that they need help.
  3. vision 2020
    Elizabeth Warren’s One-Two Punch for Conquering WashingtonThe policy-oriented senator has at least a good start on a plan for enacting her plans.
  4. drain the swamp
    Trump Owns the Swamp Now, and It’s Awash in LobbyistsThe administration seems to be filling, not draining, the swamp of special interest influence in Washington.
  5. politics
    Sad: There Aren’t Enough Lobbying Jobs for All the Out-of-Work GOP PoliticiansThe revolving door keeps spinning.
  6. Top Trump Donor Paid Michael Cohen to Score Him a $5 Billion Federal LoanTrump’s personal attorney agreed to secretly encourage Trump to give Franklin Haney billions in taxpayer money in exchange for a cut of the proceeds.
  7. Washington Lobbyists Anticipating Democratic HouseDenizens of the swamp are hiring Democrats to shore up their relationships with the potential bosses of the next Congress.
  8. Why Trump’s Tax Plan Will (Probably) Be Impossible to PassThe plan’s upper middle-class tax increases are too high for many GOP lawmakers to tolerate – but still too low to satisfy the party’s deficit hawks.
  9. Congress Is a Desert, Not a SwampWhile many people think Congress is enriching itself, it’s actually too poor in policy knowledge and resources to do much more than take orders.
  10. Trump Drains Swamp by Granting Ethics Waivers to Many White House StaffersHe had been granting the waivers in secret, and clashed with the Office of Government Ethics over its effort to make them public.
  11. The Trump Administration Has Declared War on the Office of Government EthicsThe office asked the White House to disclose any ethics waivers it provided to ex-lobbyists. The White House said the office can’t make them do that.
  12. drain the swamp
    Lewandowski Quits Lobbying Firm He Co-FoundedQuestions had been raised about the firm’s work in Eastern Europe, and why Lewandowski wasn’t registered as a lobbyist.
  13. Report: Corey Lewandowski Is Promising Clients Face Time With TrumpThe president’s former campaign manager is offering clients meetings with “key members of the U.S. Administration,” according to Politico.
  14. Trump Meets Big-Pharma CEOs, Then Seems to Flip-flop on Negotiating Drug PricesOn the campaign trail he mocked the lobbyists. Today he sounded like one.
  15. Trump Picks Dan Coats As Director of National IntelligenceOn paper a safe choice, the former senator is a bit old for the turf fights he will have to resolve, and is another symbol of the Washington “swamp.”
  16. city politic
    Albany Lobbyists Are Misunderstood, Says Albany Lobbyist A state power-broker explains on why he and his colleagues get an undeserved bad rap in the capitol. 
  17. lobbyists and those who love them
    When Members of Congress Sleep With LobbyistsIs that frowned upon? 
  18. the future is coming
    Mark Zuckerberg Beefs Up His Lobbying Efforts With Two Top Former Bush AidesTo join his twelve-person team in Washington.
  19. oh albany!
    Patricia Lynch, Albany Power Lobbyist, Settles With Cuomo’s Office Over Pension-Fund FinaglingShe’ll pay a half-million-dollar fine.
  20. John Boehner Says Report About Something He Said ‘Seems Like a Rumor’Did he tell GOP congressmen to stop flirting with lobbyists?
  21. secrets of the hill
    Ethics Office Just Discovered How Shady Washington IsYou mean lobbyists can affect how congressmen vote?
  22. oh albany!
    Cuomo Has Accepted $7.1 Million From Lobby, Special-Interest GroupsThis from the guy who said last month: “The influence of lobbyists and their special interests must be drastically reduced with new contribution limits.”
  23. health carnage
    Reps Recited Same Lobbyist’s Script in House Health Care DebatePharmaceutical company proud that it got our House members to parrot their talking points.