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    Sex, Lies, and CooperstownFifty years later, locals are still reluctant to talk about what was in that book.
  2. local color
    Pigeons Are Supposedly Popular Again in BrooklynAnd not just with Mike Tyson!
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    Cheney to Metaphorically Shoot N.Y. Schoolkids in the FaceLet’s dispense with the obvious first: Hide your doddering lawyer friends! Wear bright colors! Stay indoors! Yes, Dick Cheney is going hunting in upstate New York, and he’s going to shoot you in the face. But what else? Beyond a pile of animal (if we’re lucky) corpses, what effect will the vice-president’s day out at the Clove Valley Rod & Gun Club, planned for next Monday, have on Dutchess County? The Poughkeepsie Journal provides awesomely detailed, and no less awesomely deadpan, local color.