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  1. reasons to love new york
    When Your Friends Throw You a Fake FuneralThe bon vivante is as of yet alive.
  2. the city politic
    Adams Cuts the Budget and Puts Himself on the Chopping BlockSlashing services might be a bigger problem than a criminal investigation, and potential challengers are getting more interested in 2025.
  3. israel-hamas war
    Why Jewish Voice for Peace Says ‘Not in Our Name’Jewish Voice for Peace doesn’t just oppose the war in Gaza; it challenges the link between Jewish identity and support for Israel.
  4. local
    Columbia University to Set Up $100 Million Fund for Patients of Predator OB-GYNColumbia announced a number of major initiatives including an independent investigation after it was revealed it ignored warnings about Robert Hadden.
  5. israel-hamas war
    Statue of Liberty Shut Down by Protesters Calling for Gaza Cease-fireAt the sit-in by Jewish Voice for Peace, which occupied a national monument to demand an immediate end to the Israel-Hamas war.
  6. the city
    The Candy SellersThe lives and livelihoods of some of the city’s newest migrant children.
  7. dun-dun
    Rockaway Beach Closed After the First Shark Attack in 70 YearsA 65-year-old woman is in serious condition after a shark bit her leg Monday evening. The beach was closed the following day as a precaution.
  8. local
    Asylum Seekers Are Sleeping on Buses Outside the Roosevelt HotelAn intake center at the Roosevelt Hotel reached capacity, forcing asylum seekers to take shelter in buses over the weekend.
  9. heat wave
    ConEd to New Yorkers: Ease Up on the ACThe utility company is urging residents to limit electricity usage during peak hours to conserve energy and prevent potential power outages.
  10. local
    Crane Catches Fire, Collapses Into Manhattan SkyscraperAt least six people were injured in the Hell’s Kitchen accident on Wednesday morning.
  11. neighborhood news
    The Decadelong Battle Over the Elizabeth Street Garden Nears Its EndUnless the garden’s supporters can figure out how to overturn a universal court ruling handed down in June, a developer will raze the grounds.
  12. local
    New York Is Getting Serious About Busting Gray-Market Weed ShopsOne of Manhattan’s biggest dispensaries was raided after allegedly selling products without a license.
  13. local
    Long Island Sharks Are Back to Ruin Your SummerSeveral beachgoers reported bites on July 3 and 4 off the waters of Long Island.
  14. local
    Now Playing: Obnoxious Film Ads at Subway StationsSubway riders have taken to social media to report hearing loud ads for the newest Indiana Jones film playing on stations’ PA systems.
  15. smokepocalypse
    Photos: Smoke Grinds City to a Halt With Relief in SightFor a third straight day, haze caused by Canadian wildfires blanketed the city.
  16. the group portrait
    Shark SpottersLooking for what lurks off New York’s beaches.
  17. education
    Will Ending Gifted and Talented Programs Help Desegregate Schools?Even parents and advocates of the programs acknowledge how much they have disadvantaged Black and brown students.