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Lock Her Up

  1. nikki haley
    Haley Used Unsecured Emails for Classified Info Because She Lost Her PasswordIf she runs for president, will she face “Lock her up!” chants?
  2. mueller time
    The End of Mueller’s Probe Renewed the Right’s Hillary Clinton ObsessionTrump supporters can’t let go of their hatred of his 2016 opponent, though they ought to be focused on 2020.
  3. is this good behavior?
    Trump Rally Crowd Chanted ‘Lock Her Up’ Day After Bomb Sent to Hillary ClintonTrump also wanted everyone to note “how nice” he was behaving.
  4. the national interest
    White House Sources: Chinese Surveil Trump, But He’s Too Dumb to Know SecretsTrump’s refusal to stop using his unsecured cell phone is far worse than anything Hillary “Lock Her Up” Clinton did.
  5. Trump Is Doing Same Thing He Demanded Clinton Be Locked Up ForThe president won’t submit his phone for security checks because it’s “too inconvenient.” That was Hillary’s “crime.”
  6. Nearly 500 Days After the Election, CPAC Erupts in ‘Lock Her Up’ ChantAt CPAC, Hillary Clinton is still on everyone’s mind.
  7. FBI Reportedly Investigating Clinton Foundation for ‘Pay to Play’The Justice Department is also (reportedly) looking one last time for a prosecutable offense in Clinton’s emails.
  8. lock her up
    Pence Used AOL Account for State Business As He Complained About Clinton EmailsHe continued using a personal account even after he was hacked.
  9. Donald Trump Unveils Actual Plan to ‘Lock Her Up’Since the Clinton-loving FBI can’t be trusted, Trump is promising to appoint a “special prosecutor” to investigate his rival after the election.