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  1. terrorism
    Police Kill Attacker After Stabbings in London Bridge ‘Terrorist Incident’Two people, in addition to the perpetrator, are dead after the attack.
  2. cityscape
    Does the Future of Public Housing Lie in These Cozy London Projects?Peter Barber’s cozy brickwork obliterates the usual concrete severity.
  3. cityscape
    At Battersea Power Station, the Best We Could Hope for (in Both Senses)Yet another spectacular building becomes mixed-use luxury.
  4. cityscape
    Norman Foster’s Tulip Is Instagram Architecture at Its EmptiestThe Gherkin is getting a sperm-shaped neighbor.
  5. terrorism
    Car Crashes Into Barriers Outside British Parliament, Terrorism SuspectedWitnesses say the crash looked deliberate, and the driver was arrested at the scene. Several people sustained non-life-threatening injuries.
  6. The Crowds at London’s Anti-Trump Protests Were EnormousTens of thousands of sign-toting protesters made their disappointment with the American president clear on Friday.
  7. Everything You Need to Know About Trump’s Controversial U.K. VisitFrom attacking London’s mayor to offending various royals, Trump has a contentious history with the Brits. Now they’ll greet him with huge protests.
  8. urban planning
    A Year Has Passed Since the Grenfell Tower Fire. It Could Happen Again Anytime.This was murder by negligent bureaucracy. Preventing the next one begins with stronger regulation.
  9. international relations
    Trump Cancels U.K. Visit Over Obama’s ‘Bad Deal’ — Which Was Initiated by BushIt definitely had nothing to do with the hordes of protesters expected to greet Trump in London.
  10. Report: Trump Won’t Get Tea With the Queen on 2018 Visit to the U.K.What was once a “state visit” has been downgraded to a simple “working visit.”
  11. terrorism
    U.K. Lowers Terrorism Threat Level, Second Arrest Made in London Tube AttackTwo men, an 18-year-old and a 21-year-old, are in custody as the investigation into the bombing continues.
  12. international affairs
    Arrest Made in London Tube AttackU.K. authorities raised the country’s terrorism threat level to “critical” on Friday night.
  13. Explosion on London Underground Treated As ‘Terrorist Incident’The blast on a packed rush-hour train left nearly two dozen injured, and gave President Trump an excuse to promote his travel ban on Twitter.
  14. scary things
    Suspected Terrorists Attacked Police in Brussels, LondonOne man used a knife and the other a sword. Both shouted “Allahu Akbar.”
  15. scary things
    Van Rams Worshippers in Terror Attack Near London MosqueTen people were injured and one death at the scene may be related to the attack. Witnesses said the driver shouted that he wanted to kill Muslims.
  16. Could the Grenfell Tower Disaster Happen in New York?Don’t be complacent: High-rise building failures are never accidents, and contempt for the poor is global.
  17. ‘Unprecedented’ Fire Destroys London Apartment BuildingAround 600 people were in the high-rise.
  18. diplomacy
    Trump May Skip U.K. Trip Due to His Unpopularity ThereThe president is reportedly worried about large-scale protests against him.
  19. Two of the Three London Suspects IdentifiedOf the two men, one was known to British police and intelligence.
  20. international affairs
    London Terrorist Attack Leaves 7 Dead and 48 WoundedThe three assailants drove a van into pedestrians on London Bridge, then started stabbing people before being shot and killed by police.
  21. London Suspect Was 52-Year-Old Brit Investigated for ‘Extremism’ in the PastKhalid Masood had a long criminal history before the attack near Parliament that killed three, including an American citizen.
  22. select all
    Can You Figure Out What’s Happening in This Very British Bagel Video?“On his head he’s got a bagel!”
  23. the urbanist
    The Globalization of Local RadioDonga shows in Darwin, Australia, choro deep cuts in Rio, and shipping-container electronica in Brooklyn.
  24. the urbanist
    London Is Already Feeling the Post-Brexit FalloutThe impact on 16 Londoners, from a ceramicist who’s worried about international art fairs to a city worker whose retirement plans have been killed.
  25. scary things
    American Woman Killed in Fatal London Knife AttackMetropolitan police say they believe the attacker is mentally ill. Authorities have found no evidence of terrorist motivation.
  26. brexit
    Many in the UK Are Clamoring for a Brexit Do-OverAnd more than 140,000 Londoners now want out of the UK, but neither is likely at this point.
  27. Trump To Britain: I Am the Opposite of StupidIn an interview with Good Morning Britain, Trump defends his intelligence and Muslim ban, while telling David Cameron and London mayor Sadiq Khan to piss off.
  28. today in donald trump
    Donald Trump Would Make Gracious Exception to Muslim Ban for London’s New MayorThe rest of the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims are still out of luck.
  29. London Elects Its First Muslim MayorConservatives tried to gin up fear of Sadiq Khan’s religious background. It backfired.
  30. the urbanist
    Uber Drivers Around the World Tell AllFrom Mexico City (where they reveal taco tips) to Cape Town (with a new female driver) to the south of France.
  31. scary things
    London Subway Stabbing Being Investigated As a Terrorist AttackThe incident happened just days after the U.K. authorized military airstrikes against ISIS.
  32. George Galloway’s Bizarre Twitter Strategy[Tips fedora.]
  33. el bloombito
    Michael Bloomberg Might Run for London MayorAccording to one British newspaper.
  34. London Theater Ceiling Collapse Injures ScoresMany thought it was part of the play.
  35. London Authorities Have Two Suspects in Custody for Woolwich MurderWaiting to be questioned over Rigby’s death.
  36. The Backlash Has Begun in London’s Hacking DeathTwo men arrested in attacks on mosques.
  37. international relations
    Anna Wintour Told Not to Expect London AmbassadorshipSo is it off to oh-so-fashionable Paris then?
  38. other countries’ embarrassments
    London Mayor Boris Johnson Wins Olympic Gold at Getting Stuck on Zip LineA true statesman.
  39. stuck in the mittle
    Romney Campaign Tries to Distract From UK Visit Look, a list of possible VP picks!
  40. stuck in the mittle
    Romney Advisers Discuss ‘Anglo-Saxon Heritage’“The White House didn’t fully appreciate the shared history we have.”
  41. the post-racial world
    Saying Racist Things on the London Underground?That’s a paddlin’.
  42. Empire Falls: Frank Rich and Adam Moss on Riots in London, Meryl Streep’s Iron Lady, and the Downfall of Andrew Lloyd WebberPlus Obama’s well-played hand in the Middle East.
  43. london riots
    Slideshow: The London RiotsScenes of chaos and violence from three nights of unrest.
  44. london riots
    London Riots Continue for Third NightAs the violence spread from London to other cities, Prime Minister David Cameron returned to England.
  45. london riots
    London Riots Blamed on Economic Malaise“The storm has been brewing for a while.”
  46. riots
    London Hit by RiotsPeaceful protest turns into a full-scale riot.
  47. ink-stained wretches
    News of the World Went After Cell Phones of 7/7 Victims’ Families, Scotland Yard Payments ConfirmedAnother delight from Rupert Murdoch’s muckraking tabloid.
  48. loose lips
    London Court Hears Arguments on Whether Assange Should Be ExtraditedYou didn’t think that was the last you were gonna hear about “sex by surprise,” did you?
  49. international intrigue
    London to Implement Polite Version of Sidewalk LanesLike that thing that happened briefly in New York, except more British.
  50. air travel
    London’s Heathrow Airport Closed Monday Due to Volcanic AshEyjafjallajokul is back.
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