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Long Island Ripper

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    Remains Found on Long Island Shore Raise Questions About Serial Killer TieAfter more than two years, there are still no answers in the case.
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    Shannan Gilbert’s Mother Sues Doctor, Claiming He Could Have Prevented Her DeathHer mother says he gave her drugs, but he says he never met her.
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    LI Beach Skeletal Remains Are Shannan Gilbert’sCops believe she may have drowned.
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    Is the LI Serial Killer Working Alone or Not?The police commissioner and the D.A. disagree.
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    Shannan Gilbert’s Body Likely Found on Long Island Beach [Updated]The woman who led police to the victims of the Long Island serial killer has been missing for more than a year.
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    Long Island Serial Killer Probably Working AlonePolice have few additional details a year later.
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    Cops Release Details of Gilgo Beach BodiesLong Island police still have no serial killer suspect.
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    Two NYPD Cops Eyed in Case of Long Island KillingsOne is still a police officer.
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    Personality Profile of Long Island Serial Killer: Smart, Sadistic, in a Relationship“He may even be charming.”
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    Officer Mallia and His Dog Blue Helped Discover the Serial Killer’s VictimsOccasionally working on their own time.
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    New Skull and Remains Found Could Also Be Victims of Long Island Serial KillerIt could be the killer’s ninth and tenth victims.
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    Police Think They Know the Identity of the Long Island Serial KillerThey think there’s a connection to four murders in Atlantic City.