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  1. from the archives
    A Serial Killer in CommonFive dead women turn up on a beach, and their families ask: Who murdered my daughter? Who was my sister — really?
  2. the talented mr. santos
    The Luckiest Liar in PoliticsHow George Santos outran the truth.
  3. early and often
    Kathy Hochul Just Picked the Toughest Fight in PoliticsAffordable housing means shattering the suburban consensus.
  4. politics
    Why New York Republicans Are Dreaming of a Banner YearThe state GOP hopes to expand on its 2021 wins, take further advantage of Democrats’ distraction, and ride the national red wave.
  5. explainers
    What Is Going on With Trump’s Pizza Tweet?A very quick explainer.
  6. immigration
    Did ICE Violate a Teen Informant’s Civil Rights?Homeland Security is investigating the case of a Long Island teenager marked for deportation because of admissions he made to police to escape MS-13.
  7. immigration
    Teen Who Faced Deportation After He Informed on MS-13 Gets Temporary ReprieveJudge postpones asylum decision until May, asking for more evidence of Henry’s cooperation with police and the FBI.
  8. immigration
    Teenage MS-13 Gang Informant Heads Into Final Asylum HearingAmong those who will testify on Henry’s behalf: His former principal, an expert witness working for free, and his FBI Gang Task Force handler.
  9. feature
    A Teen Turned Informant to Escape MS-13. Now His Life Is in Even More Danger.Henry thought that talking to the cops would help him get away from the violent gang. Now he’s caught between them and ICE.
  10. Report: Donald Trump Is Visiting Long Island This WeekLong Island congressman Peter King says he is coming to discuss MS-13.
  11. International Intrigue Near Long Island’s Gold CoastIs the loss of prime real estate the biggest punishment for Russian election meddling?
  12. Nassau County Executive and His Wife Arrested in Federal Corruption ProbeOne of the alleged figures in the case also has ties to the investigation into Mayor de Blasio’s fundraising activities.
  13. Long Island Incumbent Hit for Failure to Properly Honor Billy JoelThe challenger is proposing a $1 million “giant marble statue” of the singer.
  14. Grown-up With Lightsaber Puts Campus on LockdownSUNY Farmingdale: I’ve got a bad feeling about this.
  15. Helicopter Crash-Lands in Long Island StreetBy some miracle, its two passengers walked away from the scene.
  16. A Car Chase, a Manhunt, and a Bag of Stolen Cash in Woodbury, Long IslandScenes from a thriller, briefly.
  17. lawsuits
    Long Island Man Returns From Florida to Find His House Has Been Demolished He’s suing.
  18. high school hackers
    3 Long Island Teens Accused of Hacking High School and Tweaking GradesProbably trading college for some prison time. 
  19. lebensraum
    Nazi-Founded L.I. Town Restricted to ‘Germans Only’ Is Sued for Discrimination“It’s terrible for everyone — for the kids, for us and even for our dogs.”
  20. scary things
    Please Do Not Set Hideous, Toe-Chomping Creatures Loose on Long IslandAlligator snapping turtles belong in the South, thanks.
  21. crimes and misdemeanors
    LI Man Arrested for Altering Red-Light CamerasHe pointed them upward so they just captured clouds. 
  22. sharks
    Sharks Spotted on Long Island BeachPoor souls.
  23. schemes
    The Ol’ Dummy-in-the-Carpool-Lane Trick Only Works If You’re Careful That means no speeding. 
  24. trolls
    Rep. Peter King Says Torture Wasn’t That Bad“We’re talking about people being made to stand in awkward positions, have water put into their nose and into their mouth.”
  25. horrible things
    Local Professor Identified as Victim of Long Island BeheadingA horrifying murder-suicide.
  26. save the whales
    This Humongous Whale Washed Up Dead on Long IslandOfficially ruining the very end of beach season.
  27. Long Island Teen Becomes Third High School Football Player to Die This WeekTom Cutinella, a 16-year-old junior, is the latest tragedy.
  28. mysteries
    A Piece of a Commercial Plane Ended Up in a Long Island Yard, SomehowNot comforting.
  29. talking about the weather
    Long Island Flooded Last Night, Leaving Cars FloatingA month’s worth of rain in an hour.
  30. very sad things
    Drunk Man Accidentally Runs Over Friend Who Refused a Ride HomeAwful.
  31. horrible things
    Brooklyn Woman Allegedly Decapitated NeighborAfter one of their frequent disputes about the rent.
  32. oh long island
    Long Island Pilot Makes the Same Emergency Landing Twice in 8 Days It would probably be best for everyone if he didn’t try this a third time.
  33. very scary things
    Human Head Discovered in Area Where Other Severed Body Parts Were Found On Long Island.
  34. bad ideas
    New York Beachgoers Fail to Appreciate Nazi Symbol BannerA good way to ruin a sunny day.
  35. very scary things
    Severed Body Parts Keep Turning Up on Long IslandTwo arms, a torso, and a mystery. 
  36. crimes and misdemeanors
    Ex-Cop Charged in Hit-and-Run Death of 13-Year-Old GirlMichael Elardo turned himself in on Monday.
  37. oh long island
    Long Island Nursing Home Says Residents Requested a Stripper“They welcomed it, and it looks like they had a good time,” said the facility’s lawyer.
  38. lawsuits
    Long Island Nursing Home Sued for Showing Residents Too Good a TimeWith male strippers.
  39. kids today
    Long Island Teen Just Happened to Get Into All 8 Ivy League SchoolsAnd Duke.
  40. very sad things
    Report Explains How Avonte Oquendo Disappeared From School UndetectedIt seems that several school employees are to blame.
  41. crimes and misdemeanors
    Rogue Postal Worker Caught Trashing MailVery illegal.
  42. sad scary things
    Carbon Monoxide Leak Kills Man at Long Island MallAnd sickens 27 other people.
  43. disgusting things
    Long Island Birthday Cake Comes With Truly Disgusting Surprise A rat tail and some mold.
  44. scary things
    Long Island Sinkhole Settles for SubaruThe Earth has opened again to eat another car.
  45. crimes and misdemeanors
    Robbing a Burger King Is a Good Opportunity to Get Some LunchAs one Long Island thief would probably tell you.
  46. nice things
    ‘Finders Keepers’ Rule Applies to Lottery TicketsAs one Long Island man learned after Hurricane Sandy.
  47. scary things
    Elderly Driver Plows Into Long Island Trader Joe’sThe car ended up entirely inside the store. Fifteen people were hurt. 
  48. attack ads
    Long Island Republican Incorrectly Assumes Americans Are Tired of Rob Ford Or maybe it’s just the opposite.
  49. thwarted scams
    Winning Lottery Ruins Long Island Man’s Relationship With His Deli GuysThey tried to give him $1,000 for a $1 million ticket.
  50. Long Island Dudebros Capture Deer for Cool Party PhotosYeah, bros. 
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