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Long Vs Short

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    Long vs. Short: Has Netflix Peaked?Subscribers are down. Friends is on its way out. Depending on whom you listen to, those developments are either harbingers or blips.
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    Long Vs. Short: Is Chipotle a Healthy Investment?The stock has doubled in the past year — but the shadows of past PR disasters linger.
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    Long vs Short: Can Wynn Casinos Recover From Steve Wynn’s #MeToo Scandal?The stock is down by half since the Vegas icon and Trump crony exited the company in disgrace last year.
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    Long vs. Short: Can Etsy Continue to Own the Handmade Space?With a new mission statement and Amazon emerging as a ruthless competitor, the heirloom marketplace finds itself at an inflection point.
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    Long vs. Short: Can Walmart Compete in Amazon’s World?The company’s stock is near an all-time high, but some investors are wondering if the optimism is warranted.
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    Long vs. Short: Does the New York Times’ Business Model Depend on Trump?The company has put up great growth numbers since November 2016, and its stock is soaring. Can it last?
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    Long vs. Short: Can Ford Survive in a World of Self-Driving Cars?With the stock at a nine-year low, and the company heavily affected by Trump’s trade policy, two investors make the bull and bear cases.
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    Long vs. Short: Is Starbucks Still a Good Investment?Did recent controversies hurt the brand? Will the Chinese take a grande liking to coffee? Two food industry experts weigh in.