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  1. Republican Voters Are Sitting Out California’s Senate RaceFor the moment, half of California Republicans intend to sit out the Senate race and let Democrats choose between Feinstein and de León.
  2. California Democrats Endorse de León Over FeinsteinFeinstein remains the favorite, but the party endorsement keeps de León alive, with the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings taking on a new dimension.
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    Charter School Billionaires Boosting Former L.A. Mayor’s Gubernatorial CampaignA network of wealthy charter school backers is financing ads for Antonio Villaraigosa into a general election with fellow Democrat Gavin Newsom.
  4. California GOP Can’t Unite Behind a Gubernatorial CandidateNeither John Cox nor Travis Allen could snag the party’s endorsement, which boosts the chances of two Democrats facing off for governor in November.
  5. Feinstein Is Vulnerable Next Year, But California Republicans Are in DangerCalifornia’s “Top Two” election is just months away, and while Republicans are struggling to survive, Tom Steyer could be formidable if he runs.
  6. This Democratic Senate Candidate Is Betting It All on Republicans Supporting HerThe Golden State’s top-two system pits two Democrats in a U.S. Senate general election. But Republicans get to vote, too.
  7. Calfornia Senate Race Likely Democrats OnlyThanks to the state’s exotic top-two primary system.
  8. California’s Senate Race Is a Three-Ring CircusKamala Harris is going to be on the November ballot as a candidate for U.S. Senate. Beyond that, anything could happen on June 7. 
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    Republicans Are Communists and Immigrants!Representative Loretta Sanchez and Senate candidate Charlie Crist mix Cold War imagery and xenophobia as they scramble to reach swing voters.