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Los Angeles Clippers

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    Jordan Changes His Mind, Re-signs With ClippersThings got weird in Houston yesterday.
  2. the sports section
    Actually, Donald Sterling Is Still Suing the NBABecause the NBA wouldn’t drop his fine and lifetime ban.
  3. the sports section
    Donald Sterling Agrees to Drop Lawsuit Over Clippers Sale, Accept Huge Payday“Everything is just the way it should be,” he says.
  4. horrible racists
    Donald Sterling Suing NBA for $1 Billion Because He Really Is the WorstThe Clippers owner won’t just take the $2 billion and shut up.
  5. horrible racists
    Donald Sterling Doesn’t Care About $2 BillionAs his power fades, more assholery from the Clippers owner.
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    Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Strikes Deal to Buy L.A. ClippersDonald Sterling doesn’t approve, but it may not matter.
  7. Shelly Sterling Rushes to Sell the Clippers One bidder says we’ll “probably know who bought the team by Friday.”
  8. horrible racists
    Donald Sterling to Go Away Relatively Quietly (for Donald Sterling)The Clippers owner will reportedly let his wife sell the team without a lawsuit.
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    Sterling: Magic Johnson ‘Should Be Ashamed’ And shares his thoughts on blacks versus Jews.
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    Shelly Sterling Plans to Fight for Her Half of the ClippersThough she’d like a new co-owner.
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    Donald Sterling Does a Poor Job of Defending Himself in New Recording“Do you think I tell the coach to get white players?”
  12. horrible racists
    V. Stiviano Claims That Sterling Isn’t a RacistThe alleged girlfriend did an interview with Barbara Walters.
  13. horrible racists
    Donald Sterling: ‘I Wish I Had Just Paid Her Off’The L.A. Clippers owner, in a new interview, says more out-of-touch things.
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    V. Stiviano’s Lawyer Says Her Friend Leaked Donald Sterling’s Racist RantShe’s just “a young girl thrown in the middle of this thing, unwillingly.”
  15. horrible racists
    V. Stiviano ‘Very Saddened,’ ‘Devastated’ About Donald Sterling’s Bad WeekShe “never wanted any harm to Donald,” her lawyer said with a straight face.
  16. crazy lawsuits
    Sterling Lawsuit Against StivianoDonald Sterling’s wife sued his (ex-)girlfriend and the rest is history.
  17. happy endings
    Magic Johnson Would Buy Clippers From SterlingThe storybook ending is possible.