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  1. the system
    The Uprising That Ran OutThe death of Keenan Anderson marks the end of an era.
  2. what we know
    Death Toll From Monterey Park Shooting Rises to 11: UpdatesAnother victim who was hospitalized following the attack has died. There are also developments regarding the gunman’s possible motive.
  3. los angeles
    L.A. Councilman Calls Guy He Fought Last Week ‘Hostile Individual’Kevin de León, who was caught making racist remarks on a recording earlier this year, did not apologize after a scuffle with a protester on Friday.
  4. early and often
    The Backlash Has Begun in CaliforniaSan Francisco recalls its progressive DA and Los Angeles powers an ex-Republican into contention for mayor.
  5. early and often
    Rick Caruso, the Mall King Who Would Be L.A.’s MayorTo get an idea of what kind of leader he might be, take a walk through the Grove.
  6. games
    Los Angeles Won the Super Bowl in More Ways Than OneThe Rams won the game. The city, the stunning stadium, and the wonderful overall vibe won everything else.
  7. politics
    ‘The Mayor Knew’Eric Garcetti’s top aide was a serial harasser, according to multiple accusers. The mayor, they say, ignored it.
  8. sports
    Los Angeles Gets a Really Bad Stadium Name for ChristmasAs of December 25, the Staples Center will become the Crypto.com Arena.
  9. coronavirus
    Los Angeles County Will Reinstate Indoor Mask Mandate This Weekend“This is an all-hands-on-deck moment,” said the county health officer.
  10. policing
    When Cops Commit Property DamageThe LAPD’s detonation of a de facto bomb in a Los Angeles neighborhood highlights a different sort of police impunity.
  11. the grub street diet
    Ronan Farrow Wants to Order a Side of Lox“They’ll be like, ‘That’s not a thing. What does that mean?’”
  12. covid-19
    America’s Most Populous County Reports Zero COVID DeathsA major measure of progress for California and the U.S.
  13. public space
    Last Night in Echo ParkOn the scene as the LAPD evicted an enormous community of unhoused residents from the shore of Echo Park Lake.
  14. city people
    Now That an Urban Planner Is on the City Council, Can She Help Fix Los Angeles?Nithya Raman is calling for systemic change — including breaking up her own district.
  15. education
    The Major School Districts That Will Remain Online-Only This FallPublic schools in Chicago, L.A., and San Diego will not return to campus next semester, with COVID-19 still spreading in California and Illinois.
  16. class of 2020
    Scenes From a Joyful High-School Graduation ParadePhotographer Alexis Hunley captured an exuberant mood as a community-organized event honored recent graduates of several neighborhoods in Los Angeles.
  17. sports
    The Most Famous High School Basketball Team in the WorldThe children of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade play for the same L.A. prep school — and they’re not the only future first-round picks.
  18. cityscape
    L.A.’s Beguiling Idea: An African-American Arts DestinationIn South Los Angeles—formerly known as South Central—Destination Crenshaw will be an elevated park amid the traffic arteries.
  19. democratic primaries
    Julián Castro Might Be a BelieverHis floundering campaign seems committed to advancing moral — but unpopular — issues. What’s the long game?
  20. ed buck
    Democratic Donor Ed Buck Arrested After Third Suspicious OD at His HomeProsecutors accuse Buck of manipulating victims into taking huge doses of meth. Since 2017, two men have died in his L.A. home from overdoses.
  21. cityscape
    The Restorations of L.A.’s Eames House and Silvertop Were Not Simple JobsThe innovative materials and methods in the Eames Case Study house and John Lautner’s Silvertop can be a headache as they age.
  22. cityscape
    How Disney Hall Transformed a Downtown L.A. Neighborhood and the City Beyond“The 90-year-old architect may yet get to walk around the effervescent urban core he envisioned with art and music at its center.”
  23. cityscape
    LACMA Is Leaping Over Wilshire Boulevard, and L.A. Isn’t Sure Whether to Join ItA plan that’s either bold or gimmicky.
  24. life after warming
    Los Angeles Fire Season Is Beginning Again. And It Will Never End.A bulletin from our climate future.
  25. education
    After a Weeklong Strike, Los Angeles Teachers May Have a DealMembers of the United Teachers of Los Angeles still have to vote on the deal, but it sounds like a victory for striking educators.
  26. education
    With Teachers’ Strike, L.A.’s Long Battle Over Charter Schools Comes to a HeadCharter schools have seen explosive growth in L.A., and now striking educators claim they’ve left traditional schools overcrowded and under-resourced.
  27. education
    The Teachers’ Strike Wave May Be Coming to Los AngelesThousands of L.A. public school educators and allies marched over the weekend, and next month the district might see its first strike in 30 years.
  28. A CA Bill to Encourage High-Density Development Near Transit Dies. For Now.An ambitious bill to force local governments to allow high-density housing near transit stops aroused a huge debate — and too much opposition.
  29. Fire That Burned Through Bel-Air Started at a Nearby Homeless EncampmentHidden under an overpass, a homeless encampment near one of L.A.’s wealthiest neighborhoods sparked a massive blaze last week.
  30. roundtable
    9 Mayors on What Washington Can Learn From Local GovernmentOur national political environment might be paralyzed by partisanship and erratic leadership, but our cities tend to be resilient.
  31. It’s Official: The 2028 Olympics Will Be in Los AngelesThe 2024 Games go to Paris and the U.S. gets its first Olympics since the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City.
  32. First Congressional Special Election of the Trump Era Provides Some SurprisesThere was no huge turnout, and no win for former Bernie Sanders operatives, in a special election for a safely Democratic House seat in California.
  33. No One Shot Up a Major American Airport AgainTwo weeks after an “active shooter” false alarm spooked JFK, another sows panic in LAX.
  34. the urbanist
    The Best and Worst Cities to Be a DogThe pupcakes at the new canine bakery in Seattle are great. The annual dog-eating festival in Yulin, less so.
  35. Los Angeles Is Now Home to a 1,000-Foot-High Glass SlideDon’t look down.
  36. crimes and misdeamnors
    Man Arrested With Weapons, Explosives Was Headed to Los Angeles Pride ParadeJames Wesley Howell was carrying three assault rifles, high-capacity ammunition, and a bucket of explosive chemicals.
  37. Two Los Angeles Buildings Reinvent the PastAn old cathedral becomes a fashionable restaurant, and a flour mill turns into an art gallery.
  38. L.A. Architects Design for a Denser FutureNew residential complexes try to sell Los Angelenos on living in close quarters.
  39. the urbanist
    A Guide to Los Angeles’s Wildly Inventive New Architecture These buildings embrace nature, density, and public space.
  40. the urbanist
    Uber Drivers Around the World Tell AllFrom Mexico City (where they reveal taco tips) to Cape Town (with a new female driver) to the south of France.
  41. Huge L.A. Gas Leak Finally Gets PluggedSoCal can breathe easier soon.
  42. Two LAPD Officers Charged With Committing Repeated Sexual Assaults While on DutyThe abuse continued over a period of five years.
  43. games
    In the Future of Sports Fandom, State Lines Mean NothingThe St. Louis Rams are decamping for Los Angeles. Who cares?
  44. Governor Jerry Brown Evacuates 30,000 People As Huge L.A. Gas Leak ContinuesAnd the well won’t be plugged until at least March.
  45. Robert Durst Will Head to California for a Murder Trial This SummerThe millionaire heir turned HBO anti-hero will be extradited by August 18.
  46. L.A. UFO Was the Military, the Government SaysOf course, the government always has an answer for everything.
  47. earthquake!
    Get Ready for an Earthquake, NASA Tells L.A.There’s a 99 percent chance it’ll hit by 2018.
  48. Man Chokes Woman for Reclining Her Airplane SeatA passenger saw a man “strangling a woman because she [tilted] her seat back.”
  49. new york’s finest
    NYPD Officers to See What Their Los Angeles Counterparts Are Up ToPolice Commissioner is sending six officers to learn about how the LAPD uses force.
  50. impeach!
    Obama Motorcade Strands Pregnant Woman Across the Street From HospitalImpeach!
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