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  1. frozen yog-hurt
    Pinkberry Co-Founder Arrested for Beating Homeless Man With Tire IronProsecutors say that Young Lee was offended by a homeless man’s sexually explicit tattoo.
  2. occupy everywhere
    Occupy L.A. Left Behind 30 Tons of DebrisOfficials sent the debris directly to a landfill.
  3. occupy everywhere
    Occupy L.A. Isn’t BudgingThe demonstrators face eviction at midnight. 
  4. occupy everywhere
    Los Angeles Mayor: Occupy L.A. Must Get OutLos Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has given protesters until 12:01 a.m. on Monday to get out.
  5. for sale
    Dodgers Owner Frank McCourt Agrees to Sell TeamThe franchise is expected to sell for more than $1 billion.
  6. hot sons
    Patrick Schwarzenegger’s Los Angeles Billboard Is Awkwardly PlacedHappy Ending!
  7. carmageddon
    Los Angelenos Taking ‘Carmageddon’ in StrideNo pileups, crazed motorists, nor mass riots to report. Yet.
  8. census
    New York Trumps L.A. in Diversity Thanks, in Part, to One Brooklyn NeighborhoodDyker Heights.
  9. photo op
    L.A. Residents Trade Sleigh Rides For MudslidesLos Angeles got a state of emergency for Christmas.
  10. whither gop?
    RNC Spent Nearly $2K on Topless L.A. Bondage BarIt sounded like a good idea at the time!
  11. anthropology
    Coffee Means Something Totally Different in Los Angeles Than It Does in New YorkA “Page Six” item highlights a bi-coastal communications issue.
  12. media metamorphoses
    Rolling Stone to Open Restaurant and Club in HollywoodBecause the Hard Rock Cafe may have Elvis’s pants, but do they have his CLOGS?
  13. You Lived the Week — Now Get the T-ShirtJon & Kate Plus Kate: Now you can wear the saga on your body, instead of just letting it eat away at your soul.
  14. sex on skates
    Levi Johnston: Had McCain Won, ‘It Would Have Been Good and Bad’For some reason, Sex on Skates went to a tanning-salon opening in L.A. this week. Of course, TMZ spotted him there.
  15. bons mots
    P. Diddy Is New YorkWe didn’t know what we were missing, but what we were missing was Sean Combs.
  16. in other news
    Keith Olbermann: I’m Not Crazy, But Murdoch Fired Me AnywayAfter the News Corp. baron called Olberman a nut job yesterday, Olbermann reveals his long-held suspicions as to why he was fired from the company in 2001.
  17. company town
    Dan Rather Back in Court and Feeling ‘Pretty Good’Also news about Yahoo, JPMorgan, the Sulzbergers, and Citigroup in our daily industry roundup.
  18. in other news
    Does Blair Waldorf Have a Wee(d) Problem?On any day, we love a good descent into debauchery on the part of a rising starlet. But today’s news is better than most, because this time, the lovely young lady losing her marbles is none other than Daily Intel favorite Blair Waldorf! (Some people know her as Leighton Meester, but, like Brooke Shields on that episode of Friends where she thinks Joey is really Dr. Drake Ramoray, we sometimes have trouble breaking the fourth wall.) And just in time for the show’s return to the air. Turns out that Bad News Blair was wandering around a party at Avalon on Sunday night “surrounded by a cloud of funny-smelling smoke.” That’s tabloid code for “she was smoking a fat doobie,” people. According to “Page Six,” at one point, a fellow partygoer lifted her (and her dress) up, and people could see her panties! We’d assume someone made a mistake (after all, who gets stoned before they go to a big party where celebrities are going to be? Hello, talk about paranoia central), but we remember all too well when Radar caught the actress smoking weed at GoldBar in November. Even then, she was hogging the drugs passed around by her friends. Man, bulimia and a marijuana problem? The rest of the Gossip Girl season is going to be really confusing, junk-food wise. Gossip-Maker [NYP] Earlier: Blair Bogarts the Weed, ‘Gossip Girl’ Will Return Before the Summer
  19. gossipmonger
    Bill Clinton Made Rosie O’Donnell CryRosie O’Donnell burst into tears after Bill Clinton called her and apologized for being unfaithful to his wife. The guy who won the marathon said he did so by refraining from sex and eating pasta. Katie Holmes said her marathon run was “hard, but good.” (She also wore a velvet Hermès gown to a Museum of the Moving Image event honoring her husband.) Damien Hirst installed a bunch of dead sheep carcasses in formaldehyde tanks at Lever House. Ousted Citigroup chief Chuck Prince didn’t say hi to Sandy Weill at the Four Seasons. Annie Lennox gave a bunch of fans the finger. Governor Spitzer, Governor Corzine, and Nora Ephron went on a triple date to Cafe Boulud.
  20. photo op
    Free at Last! Free at Last! Mothers, lock up your Greek shipping heirs and handbag dogs: Paris Hilton walked out of Century Regional Detention Facility in Los Angeles at 12:15 a.m. Pacific time this morning. She was greeted by throngs of media, throngs of fans (seriously), and her mother. She’d spent three weeks in jail, and, if we may say, we think it did her wonders: This is perhaps the most normal and human we’ve ever seen her looking. Hott. Paris Hilton Is Released From Jail [AP via NYT]
  21. gossipmonger
    Will Someone Please Call Family Services on Dina Lohan?Dina Lohan, the “white Oprah,” is in talks to do a reality show for E! in which she’ll try to turn her two youngest kids into stars. And Lindsay’s DUI arrest made it tough for underage girls to get into L.A. clubs after the MTV Movie Awards. Michael Moore has lost 30 pounds eating whole grains and sleeping more. Harvey Weinstein is an investor at Bungalow 8 doorman Armin Amiri’s new club, Socialista. Angelina Jolie is spending time with her children at the expense of spending time with Brad Pitt. Gwyneth Paltrow and David Byrne are bad tippers. Cameron Diaz gave André Balazs a neck rub.
  22. intel
    Regan’s Staff: Down and Out in Santa Monica Judith Regan likely won’t be the only person to lose her job in the If I Did It fallout: Her imbroglio with HarperCollins leaves a dozen loyal New York publishing types stranded in Los Angeles. Six months ago, Regan relocated her imprint from Harper HQ in Manhattan to sunny Santa Monica so that she could more easily work on cross-platform, book-related movie and TV projects. (Yay, synergy!) She uprooted her publishing, marketing, and editorial staffers from Manhattan, and they headed west as recently as October, signing apartment and car leases and learning to call highways “freeways.” Then Regan got the ax. Now her bagel-craving staffers are spending their days on a half-floor in a gorgeous Santa Monica office building, praying for a lucrative severance deal from HarperCollins, which presumably won’t keep the pricey office open. “We’re just waiting to hear from corporate,” says one staffer. “We thought there would be an announcement last Friday, but there wasn’t.” Erin Crum, a HarperCollins spokesperson in New York, says only that the office’s fate will be decided “at the appropriate time.” —Arianne Cohen