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Lottery Winners

  1. nice things
    ‘Finders Keepers’ Rule Applies to Lottery TicketsAs one Long Island man learned after Hurricane Sandy.
  2. oh florida
    Florida’s Huge Lottery Winner Still Hasn’t Come ForwardSomeone doesn’t want their $590 million.
  3. the winner is
    Powerball Winner Is From Florida Because Of Course They AreThat makes six for the Sunshine State.
  4. nice things
    New Jersey Powerball Winner Plans to Pay Neighbors’ RentMr. Rogers would be proud.
  5. oh new jersey
    Passaic Lottery Winner’s Persistence Pays Off“We won! We won! We’re not gonna be poor anymore!”
  6. cruel twists of fate
    Of Course One Worker Didn’t Pitch In to the Office Pool the Day They Won the Mega MillionsReal life is the freaking worst.