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  1. politics
    FBI Investigating Whether Louis DeJoy Broke the Law to Donate to RepublicansTrump’s postmaster allegedly schemed to get his former employees to donate to politicians on his behalf.
  2. usps
    Using the U.S. Postal Service Is About to Get More ExpensiveThe price of various mail services will increase this summer as part of Louis DeJoy’s cost-cutting plan. Adjust your stamp-hoarding plans accordingly.
  3. usps
    Louis DeJoy Plans Extensive Postal Service Cutbacks: ReportThe proposal reportedly includes longer first-class delivery windows, higher postage prices, and reduced post office hours.
  4. politics
    Louis DeJoy Is Killing ItWhile Biden dithers, Trump’s minion wrecks the postal service.
  5. scandals
    What We Know About Louis DeJoy’s Campaign Finance ScandalThe postmaster general allegedly operated an illegal “straw-donor” scheme at his former company.
  6. usps
    The House Post Office Hearing Was a Clown ShowThere were some bright spots during Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s testimony, but little of value was accomplished.
  7. post office
    Louis DeJoy Thinks He’s Doing a Great Job With the Post OfficeThe beleaguered postmaster general told the Senate that there’s nothing to see here.
  8. bloopers
    Delaware Senator During Postal Service Hearing: ‘F*ck, F*ck, F*ck’A relatable tech-hiccup moment.
  9. united states postal service
    Postmaster General Louis DeJoy to Testify on Alarming Changes at USPSThe House Oversight Committee will host DeJoy on Aug. 24 to discuss the apparent plan to slow the mail before an election dependent on mail-in voting.
  10. postal service
    Pelosi Recalls Congress to Attempt to Undo USPS DamageThe fear that voting by mail will be threatened has quickly galvanized Democrats.
  11. postal service
    Americans Must Defend the Postal Service Like Our Democracy Depends on ItAmerica’s postal system unified the nation and midwived mass democracy. Under Trump, it threatens to deliver disunion.
  12. united states postal service
    Could USPS Leadership Overhaul Be Part of Trump’s Push to Impair Mail-in Voting?Changes at the top of the Postal Service appear to be part of Trump’s effort to undermine the agency ahead of an election reliant on mail-in voting.