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  1. louisiana
    Louisiana Is Still Reeling From Hurricane IdaNew deaths are still being reported and more than 500,000 remain powerless, among other dangerous problems.
  2. hurricane ida
    Some Power Restored in New Orleans: UpdatesOutages remain widespread, and Governor John Bel Edwards told those who evacuated not to “come home before.”
  3. obits
    The Rascal Who Stopped the KlansmanEdwin Edwards went from the governor’s mansion to the penitentiary and back again, saving Louisiana from David Duke.
  4. louisiana
    Louisiana Has Two Living Ex-Governors: An Old Ex-Con and a Young Has-BeenLouisiana just lost three ex-governors. Survivors Edwin Edwards and Bobby Jindal make an odd duo, but they’re typical of the state’s eccentricities.
  5. louisiana
    Wife of Republican Congressman Who Died From COVID Wins His House SeatJulia Letlow will represent Louisiana’s 5th District after winning a special election to replace her late husband Luke, who died before taking office.
  6. hurricane sally
    Hurricane Sally: ‘Devastating’ Rain Expected in Alabama, Mississippi, FloridaWith this storm, the water is going to be the most dangerous impact. Already, Sally has dumped more than two feet of rain on Pensacola.
  7. hurricane laura
    Hurricane Laura Batters Louisiana: UpdatesA chlorine-production plant near Lake Charles, Louisiana, has caught fire in the storm’s aftermath.
  8. medicaid
    One Key Lesson From Democratic Wins in Louisiana and KentuckyFor Democrats, expanding the welfare state is always good politics (eventually).
  9. 2019 elections
    More Red-State Alarms for Trump in Louisiana Governor’s RaceTrump went all in for Eddie Rispone, but Democrat John Bel Edwards won on the strength of African-American turnout.
  10. elections of 2019
    Off-Year Election Preview: Is It All About Partisanship?Unpopular Republicans struggle to win governorships in red Kentucky and Mississippi, while partisan tides help Democrats in Virginia.
  11. elections of 2019
    Louisiana Governor’s Race Runoff Pits Edwards Against Trumpian TycoonDemocrat John Bel Edwards fell just short of a majority in the state’s nonpartisan primary and will face Republican Eddie Rispone on November 16.
  12. abortion
    Here We Go: Supreme Court Accepts First Big Post-Kavanaugh Abortion CaseThe Court could begin the long march back to a pre–Roe v. Wade era by validating laws designed to shut down abortion providers.
  13. crime
    The Bitter Sibling Rivalry Burning Up an $800 Million Louisiana Oil DynastyA story of lifelong grudges, frame-ups, greed, drugs, and an incompetent conspiracy of off-duty cops.
  14. abortion
    Democrats Play Key Role in Louisiana Abortion BanWhat is unique about Louisiana’s “heartbeat” bill is that a Democratic legislator wrote it and a Democratic governor will sign it.
  15. reproductive rights
    The Legal Fight Over Alabama’s Abortion Law BeginsOther, less drastic abortion laws are more likely to provide Supreme Court conservatives with the pretext to begin unraveling reproductive rights.
  16. the states
    U.S. News’ ‘Best States’ Rankings Don’t Smile on Red OnesTwelve of the 13 states at the bottom of the rankings were Trump Country in 2016.
  17. terrorism
    White Deputy’s Son Arrested for Black Church Arsons in LouisianaArsons and bombings that target black churches are deeply woven into U.S. history.
  18. state legislatures
    West Virginia Leads States With Boys’ Club LegislaturesSome states, like Massachusetts (bad) and Georgia (relatively good), defy partisan stereotypes on legislative gender balance.
  19. police shootings
    Baton Rouge Cop Who Shot Alton Sterling Fired, Body-Cam Footage Finally ReleasedIn the disturbing videos, officer Blane Salamoni is shown immediately threatening to shoot Sterling in the head.
  20. extreme weather
    Hurricane Nate Expected to Reach Category 2 Strength Before Striking Gulf CoastThe fast but intensifying storm will likely make landfall just east of New Orleans overnight Saturday.
  21. awful things
    Murders of Two Black Men in Baton Rouge Were Likely Racially MotivatedPolice are holding a 23-year-old white man as a person of interest in the crime.
  22. u.s. senate
    Republican John Kennedy Wins Louisiana Senate RunoffThe GOP will now have a 52-48 seat majority in the next Senate.
  23. Democratic Populism Probably About to Take a Beating in Huey Long’s StateSenate candidate Foster Campbell has a message tailor-made for his state. But it probably won’t matter.
  24. Louisiana Man Who Shot Ex-NFL Player Is Charged With ManslaughterOfficials defended the decision to delay charging the suspect with Joe McKnight’s death.
  25. Louisiana Runoff Begins the Post-Trump-Earthquake Political CalendarBeginning with a Senate runoff in Louisiana and then off-year state elections in 2017, we will soon see if there is any backlash to Trump’s election.
  26. Bobby Jindal May Be in the Cabinet of the Man He Called an ‘Egomaniacal Madman’He’s reportedly up for Health and Human Services Secretary.
  27. Louisiana Flooding Is ‘Worst Natural Disaster’ Since Superstorm SandyParts of the state are in for a long, painful recovery.
  28. Louisiana Wins the DNC Roll-Call VoteWatch Louisiana pledge their delegates like no state has ever pledged its delegates before.
  29. black lives matter
    Hundreds Arrested As Black Lives Matter Protests Continue NationwideDemonstrations over the weekend left officers injured and activists complaining that the police response was overly aggressive.
  30. politics
    Louisiana Is About to Make Attacking a Cop a Hate CrimeThe law is a response to what lawmakers perceive as an increased threat to first responders following the rise of activism like the Black Lives Matter movement.
  31. The Republican Party Must Answer for What It Did to Kansas and LouisianaThe GOP’s economic program just decimated two American states. Why haven’t the party’s presidential candidates been asked to account for that?
  32. talking about the weather
    At Least 4 Die, Thousands of Homes Damaged in Record Southern FloodingPresident Obama declared a “major disaster” in Louisiana.
  33. Duke Support for Trump Brings Back Memories of an Earlier ‘Race From Hell’Donald Trump is no David Duke, but a wild Louisiana gubernatorial race in 1991 showed GOP and business leaders could revolt against a renegade candidacy if pushed too far. 
  34. politics
    Democrat John Bel Edwards Defeats David Vitter in Louisiana Governor’s RaceVitter has also announced he will not run for reelection in the Senate.
  35. last-ditch fearmongering
    Vitter Campaign Goes All In on Refugee HysteriaTrailing badly, Vitter portrays his Democratic opponent as soft on Syrian orphans.
  36. shootings
    Louisiana Movie Theater Shooter IdentifiedThe gunman, John Russell Houser, killed himself after opening fire during a showing of Trainwreck.
  37. stupid things
    Duck Dynasty Relative Running for CongressYeehaw.
  38. early and awkward
    Makeout Bandit Vance McAllister Won’t Run for ReelectionHe wants to work on his relationship with his wife.
  39. oh louisiana
    Louisiana Won’t Get Rid of Its Anti-Sodomy Law Just Because It’s UnenforceableThey may need it if the 12 other laws banning sexual abuse are repealed.
  40. early and awkward
    McAllister Might Get FBI Involved in ScandalMaybe he likes being the center of attention.
  41. scandals
    Vance McAllister Texts With Unknown NumberEverybody knows about it anyway!
  42. zombie nation
    Louisiana Bath Salts User ‘Bit a Chunk’ of Man’s Face Off Worst trend ever.
  43. awkward moments
    As Santorum Opens Fire at a Shooting Range, Supporter Yells ‘Pretend It’s Obama’Santorum immediately disavows shouted comment.
  44. Cajun Campaign Bash Bonanza: On to Louisiana Santorum amps up his ad fund-raising in the Bayou State.
  45. early and awkward
    Man Who Last Won Election in 1987 About to Join Presidential RaceGood luck with that, Buddy Roemer.
  46. cleaning up
    Multiple Choice Photo: (A) Gravel Road or (B) Enormous Fish Kill in the Gulf?Guess which?
  47. cleaning up
    You Know What They Say About People Who Like to Start FiresAnother week, another fire.
  48. cleaning up
    Louisiana’s Shrimp & Petroleum Festival Doesn’t See What All the Fuss Is AboutCelebrating Louisiana’s harvest since 1967.
  49. bp
    BP Cuts Payments on 40,000 ClaimsWhile Tony Hayward watches the World Cup and eats seafood.
  50. oil spill
    Louisiana Legislators Pray for the Oil Spill to Clean Itself Up“Thus far, efforts made by mortals have been to no avail.”
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