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    Happy Valentine’s Day, Tommy Lee Got Engaged to Vine’s Brittany FurlanLove is real.
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    Get You a Man Who Will Feed You Mid-Manicure NuggetsNow that’s love.
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    De’arra and Ken Are Just a Typical Couple — With 3.6 Million YouTube SubscribersThese partners are trying to live their lives. Except they’re doing it in public.
  4. Pokémon Go Has Even Invaded Craigslist Missed ConnectionsFinding love might be the only thing harder than finding Pokémon.
  5. advice
    Submit Questions for Science of Us’s New Love Advice ColumnLet us help you figure out why that thing keeps happening.
  6. spy games
    NSA Employees Sometimes Spy on Their Significant OthersSpies: They’re just like us.
  7. Steve Jobs’s Widow Is Dating Former D.C. Mayor Adrian FentyThat is all. 
  8. stand clear of the closing doors
    Today in ‘Confusing Demonstrations of Love’Getting random strangers on the subway to sign a large cardboard photo of you and your girlfriend.
  9. mark sanford
    Mark Sanford Is Gonna Get It Right This TimeThe former South Carolina governor tells Piers Morgan about life on the other side of the Appalachian Trail.
  10. love
    Prince Harry Has a New Blonde in His LifeShe’s very pretty, with “not much to say.”
  11. gabrielle giffords
    Gabrielle Giffords and Husband Will Write a MemoirGiffords’s husband, Mark Kelly, also announced his retirement from NASA.
  12. crazy beautiful
    Handsome High-School Lovers Still Missing“We believe it’s a modern day Romeo and Juliet.”
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    Adult Americans Have Romantic RegretsYou don’t say.
  14. living history
    Gandhi: Bi-sexual Self-Promoter?“Gandhi’s organ probably only rarely became aroused with his naked young ladies, because the love of his life was a German-Jewish bodybuilder, Hermann Kallenbach.”
  15. sleepover parties
    Samantha Ronson Tweets While Lindsay Lohan Sleeps Next to HerThey had a sleepover.
  16. little goldman
    Janitor Meets Fairy GodLloydSharon Sinaswee didn’t know what to expect last summer when she rode the elevator to the 43rd floor of the new headquarters of Goldman Sachs. Then Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein sat next to her.
  17. royals
    Princess Madeleine Finds East Village Prince CharmingEveryone, meet Chris O’Neill.
  18. real-life gossip girls
    Georgina Bloomberg Has the Last LaughPaging Joey Cheek.
  19. the most important people in the world
    Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey Are Both EngagedBut they’re still in love with one another!
  20. early and often
    Enquirer Claims Rielle Hunter Is Now Cheating on John EdwardsWhat comes around goes around.
  21. breakups
    Carey Mulligan Just Living at a Best Western NowStandard rooms run around $69 a night.
  22. they’ll always have manhattan
    Shia LaBeouf and Carey Mulligan Call It Quits?“It’s a long story.”
  23. sarah shourd
    After Thirteen Months in an Iranian Prison, Sarah Shourd Has ‘No Animosity’ Toward AhmadinejadAlso: She’s engaged!
  24. photo op
    Spotted: Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky, Married, NeckingIn love.
  25. the most important wedding in the world
    Rhinebeck Rocked by High-Profile TouristsThis town will never be the same.
  26. sex on skates
    Bristol Palin: On Second Thought, Marrying Levi Maybe Not Such a Good IdeaA new Levi ex emerges.
  27. power couples
    Anthony Weiner Tied the KnotHuma Abedin is making an honest man out of a politician.
  28. love
    Lindsay Lohan Has the Attention of Her Ex-GirlfriendMission accomplished.
  29. stand clear of the closing doors
    L Train Has More Missed Connections Than Any OtherThis should not be a surprise to people who take it around 9 in the morning.
  30. princess victoria
    Swedish Princess Marries Her Personal TrainerTheir love survived her royal father and the public.
  31. the most important people in the world
    Christie Brinkley Believes in Love“I still feel that the right guy is out there somewhere.”
  32. ballsy governors
    Mark Sanford Is Hiking the Appalachian Trail AgainCan one of the country’s worst governors find love?
  33. love
    An In-Depth Analysis of President Obama Telling People That He Loves Them BackSometimes he points at them. Sometimes he laughs at them. Sometimes he’d rather talk about something else.
  34. the most important people in the world
    Martha Stewart Is the Real-Life Carrie BradshawOnly more angry.
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    Longest Married Couple Fields TweetsThe duo doles out advice for the lovesick masses.
  36. airport security
    Rutgers Student Arrested for Newark Security Breach; Was ‘Very Excited to Have a Real Woman’It really is just like a romantic comedy!
  37. city problems
    What Happens When Drag Queens Date Drag QueensThis is actually something we’ve wondered about.
  38. neighborhood news
    Wait, Other Neighborhoods Have Sexy Dog Walkers, Too?Hmmm. We’re sensing a deceptive pattern here.
  39. secretary of awesome
    The Many Diplomatic Faces of Hillary ClintonHow our secretary of State deftly adapted to every situation as she traveled the world.
  40. secretary of awesome
    Hillary Clinton Has No Idea How She Loves Bill ClintonWhat a weird little diplomatic tour.
  41. it seemed like a good idea at the time
    Speed-Dating With MorrisseyLast night, 60 of the most awkward people in New York convened for Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now, a Smiths-themed speed-dating event at Black Rabbit in Greenpoint.
  42. in other news
    Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump Sunder Relationship, Our HeartsWe just can’t bring ourselves to believe that this great love has perished. Et tu, J-Vanka?
  43. in other news
    Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams Are Dating? Sweet! And Sensitive.Actress-singer Mandy Moore is dating angster-singer Ryan Adams, In Touch is reporting. And this has gotten us all excited for many reasons — not the least of which being that Adams is getting Wilmer Valderrama’s sloppy seconds!
  44. in other news
    Bernanke Attempts to Stimulate American Economy; World Clenches Buttocks“Well, so much for inflation fears. And a good thing, too,” Matt Cooper wrote on his Portfolio blog this morning, after the Federal Reserve, faced with a global stock sell-off ignited by fear of a recession, cut the federal-funds rate three-quarters of a percentage point, the biggest single cut in interest rates, according to The Wall Street Journal, since 1982. Cooper sounded a little like he had just woken up. “The rate cut was needed and the dribbling of half and quarter point cuts,” he wrote. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, who had been leading a press conference on the hale state of the U.S. economy when the news came in, was also pleased. “This is very constructive, and I think it shows this country and the rest of the world that our central bank is nimble and can move quickly in response to market conditions,” he said. Others were more skeptical.
  45. early and often
    Hillary Calmly Plays Her Last HandHillary Clinton’s final Iowa ad is on YouTube. It will be broadcast tonight at 6 p.m. in every media market in the state. It’s two minutes long, it’s calm, and it’s reasonable. It also promises that the last image of Hillary is one of her rested and in control (as opposed to John Edwards, who is right now nearing the end of his grueling 36-hour bus-tour marathon). We wonder how long ago the video was filmed (either that, or how much video airbrushing went on. The gal looks ten years younger!). It’s a funny contrast, to see the image that Hillary wants you to have of her, after weeks of fatigue, sniping, and near-desperation. Is the Clinton in this video the one who would run the country every day? Or the snappy, haggard, calculated one we’ve come to see on the trail? You decide. Hahahahah. Just kidding. Iowa decides. You have nothing to do with it. Click here to view.