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  1. Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer and the Glass CliffMarissa Mayer is trying to resurrect a company in decline. Who should be blamed if it fails?
  2. Robots Are Coming for Waiters’ JobsThe horrible-wonderful future of restaurant dining is now. 
  3. The Music Middle-Class Is Getting SqueezedIt’s the 99 percent versus the one percent, or Pomplamoose versus Taylor Swift.
  4. Why Immigration Reform Helps American Workers, TooIt will be harder for low-wage employers to underpay undocumented immigrants.
  5. Subprime Is Back!Did we learn anything from the financial crisis? 
  6. the money
    The Man Who Wants You to Spend Like You’re PoorA guru for the current era of Aspirational Puritanism.
  7. Amazon Is Not a MonopolyAmazon might be a bad actor in the books market, but that does not make it a monopoly overall.  
  8. Peter Thiel’s Surprisingly Awesome Business BookSeize the future! Just don’t ask me to tell you how. 
  9. Martin O’Malley Is Campaigning For …The Maryland governor is rallying the vote, for 2014 and beyond. 
  10. Which American State Should Secede?Texas seems most likely. The case is strongest for exiling West Virginia. But goodness, if Florida isn’t asking for it.
  11. Olive Garden Has Middle-Class ProblemsWhat to do if the middle class cannot afford to buy your fried lasagna, even if it wanted to.
  12. Why Disruptors Are Always White GuysWe don’t think of women and minorities when we think of bosses and entrepreneurs.
  13. What’s the Matter With Connecticut?A dispatch from the richest, worst economy in the country. 
  14. Jessica Alba and the Rise of the Not-Totally-For-Profit CorporationWill investors put money into firms that openly admit they might not maximize shareholder value?
  15. Obamacare Is Saving Thousands of Lives. And Americans Will Always Hate It.Just because the law is working, doesn’t mean it will ever be popular.