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Lucas Van Praag

  1. sympathy for the devil
    Negotiating With Goldman SachsA conversation with the Squid’s top flack.
  2. bromances
    Charlie Gasparino Is Taking a Very Special Date to Prom This YearThe Fox News host has invited a Goldman Sachs flack to the White House Correspondents Dinner.
  3. intelleaks
    Lloyd Blankfein’s Secret Facebook FeedContrary to what they’d like us to believe, Goldman Sachs employees have been on Facebook a long time.
  4. sticking it to the man
    Goldman Sachs Unimpressed By Street Art CampaignThe firm gives “Gold in Sacks,” stickers “a failing grade for originality,” but we think they’re kind of cool.
  5. hardest working man in show business
    Lucas Van Praag Is Getting His Mojo BackBaroque adverbs are creeping back into statements from Goldman Sachs.
  6. oh no he didn’t
    Michael Lewis Asks for Trouble“Goldman Sachs is doomed.”
  7. hardest working man in show business
    The Breaking of Lucas Van PraagGoldman’s sharp-tongued spokesman has been dulled by the constant battering of the firm.
  8. bons mots
    Jon Corzine: People Are Just Jealous of Goldman SachsOh no he didn’t.
  9. goldman sachs is magic
    Goldman Spokesman Lucas Van Praag Takes On Mythic Proportions“He is at times a serpent, a goat and the firm’s lion.”
  10. goldman sacks is more like it
    Goldman Hires Outside PR Firm to Help With Image ProblemConvincing the world that the vampire squid only wants to cuddle requires the work of more than just one man.
  11. hardest working man in show business
    Lucas Van Praag Now Blogging For Huffington PostGoldman’s sassy spokesperson takes to the web to rebut ‘NYT’ story.
  12. you’ve been van praaged!
    Goldman Sachs Denies Sinister Behavior, Again“The idea that AIG collapsed because of our marks is ridiculous.”
  13. goldmanfellas
    Lloyd Blankfein’s Bonus: $9 Million in Stock, No CashGoldman CEO’s bonus falls way below estimates.
  14. goldman sacks is more like it
    Goldman Sachs: Now With Child MolestersAnd they thought it couldn’t get any worse.