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  1. the city politic
    City Hall Starved Taxi Drivers Before They Went on Hunger StrikeHow driving a cab became a dead end.
  2. uber
    Can Anyone Stop the Uberization of the Economy?How ride-sharing apps are trying to spread the gig-worker model far and wide.
  3. uber
    Uber Drivers Aren’t Making More Money As Prices Surge Amid Shortage: ReportDespite the 50 percent surge in rideshare prices amid the reopening, drivers reportedly aren’t reaping the benefits.
  4. getting around
    Can a Worker-Owned App Pull Drivers From Uber and Lyft?A cooperative tries to revolutionize ride sharing.
  5. pivot
    Where Does Lyft Go After Its Huge Win in California?After the passage of Prop 22, Lyft president John Zimmer discusses the future of ride-share with Pivot co-hosts Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway.
  6. getting around
    Uber and Lyft Just Bought a Law in CaliforniaThe companies spent $200 million to pass Proposition 22, which establishes gig-economy drivers as a new employment class.
  7. wolves in wokes clothing
    Uber and Lyft’s Proposition 22 Win Is a Warning Shot to DemocratsCorporations co-opted the language of social justice to screw workers, and the party is too comfortable with it.
  8. pivot
    Can Amazon, Uber, and Lyft All Thrive After the Coronavirus?Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway argue that there may not be space for all three giants to survive in the post-coronavirus landscape.
  9. buyer’s market
    It’s Time to Relax About LAX-itThe new arrangement for Uber riders at the Los Angeles airport is a case study in why consumers just need to be flexible sometimes.
  10. buyer’s market
    Is There a Good Solution to the Uber Crunch at Airports?Uber and Lyft traffic jams are creating misery for departing passengers at LAX and elsewhere. But there is reason for hope.
  11. the economy
    Bill Protecting ‘Gig Workers’ Close to Enactment in CaliforniaEmployers may no longer be able to call their workers contractors, but they’re threatening a ballot initiative to restore “flexibility.”
  12. the top line
    Uber’s Irrational Pricing Is a Problem for Policy-makersHow do you incentivize a company that seems hell-bent on generating massive losses?
  13. the top line
    Why Should Lyft Be a Public Company?The company’s path to profitability is still fuzzy at best, and it has no shortage of private funding options.
  14. ipo
    Lyft, Which Lost Almost $1 Billion Last Year, Files to Go PublicThe rideshare app’s public offering is the first big one of 2019.
  15. ride sharing apps
    Lyft Does More to Woo Drivers As It Preps for IPOAs both Lyft and Uber prepare to go public in 2019, both companies will be fighting for drivers just as they fight for passengers.
  16. the pink tax
    New York Women Spend More Money Than Men on TransitThe extra cost ranged from $25 to $100 each month, a new study from NYU found.
  17. select all
    Uber Driver Streamed Unwitting Passengers on TwitchHis accounts have since been terminated.
  18. Maybe the ‘Gig Economy’ Has Not Arrived — YetNew data indicates the old system of classifying employees as employees persists, despite Lyft and Uber.
  19. California Court Ruling Could Be Major Blow to ‘Gig Economy’ FirmsThe largest state has adopted a rule that places the burden of proof on employers in justifying “independent contractor” classifications.
  20. select all
    Looks Like Lyft Was Up to Uber’s Tricks, TooThe company is investigating allegations that employees were tracking rides of their ex–significant others.
  21. select all
    For the Good of Society — and Traffic! — Delete Your Map AppCities and citizens alike are waging war against map apps.
  22. select all
    Uber and Lyft Waive Fees for Victims of Las Vegas AttackIn the wake of the Las Vegas massacre, Uber and Lyft have worked quickly to ensure that affected customers would not be overcharged for their rides.
  23. select all
    Oh Look, Uber Is Under Federal Investigation AgainThe new investigation is over a secret software Uber allegedly used to track Lyft drivers.
  24. select all
    Your Lyft Will Now Swing You Through a Taco Bell En Route to Your DestinationSo many drunk tacos. So little time.
  25. select all
    Lyft Wants to Be the “Open Platform” for Self-Driving CarsWhile Uber tries to go it alone, Lyft continues to try to partner up.
  26. select all
    In-App Tipping Comes to UberUber tries to play nice.
  27. select all
    Lyft Reinvents the BusLyft’s new service is a bus.
  28. select all
    Is Uber Evil, or Just Doomed?Sexual harassment, corporate-espionage charges, taking advantage of drivers: The company that practically courts bad PR is in an existential crisis.
  29. select all
    Uber’s Two Biggest Enemies Just Joined ForcesLyft and Waymo are getting into business together.
  30. select all
    How Much Did #DeleteUber Actually Help Lyft?Monthly rides are up over 130 percent for the Uber rival.
  31. select all
    Former Lyft Drivers Sue Uber for Secretly Tracking ThemThe program was allegedly used for years to help lure drivers away from Lyft.
  32. select all
    Uber’s ‘Hell’ Program Secretly Tracked Lyft DriversAnother dastardly Uber initiative.
  33. select all
    Executive From Lyft, the ‘Woke’ Alternative to Uber, Joins Trump AdministrationHe’s working on driverless cars.
  34. select all
    Lyft Fancies Itself the Woke Bae of Ride-Hailing Apps“We’re not the nice guys,” Lyft president John Zimmer told Time. “We’re a better boyfriend.”
  35. select all
    SXSW Folks Sure Were Freaking Out That Uber and Lyft Left AustinA bunch of tech bros were left very mad online, waiting for a ride.
  36. select all
    Why Uber Was This Weekend’s Tech Punching Bag#DeleteUber was less a direct response to the weekend’s events than a referendum on the service in a new political climate.
  37. Clinton and Trump Should Talk More About the Robot-Induced Unemployment CrisisSelf-driving vehicles are expected to wipe out millions of jobs in the coming decades. Our presidential candidates should probably talk about that.
  38. Lyft Is Reportedly Looking for a BuyerThe Uber competitor is looking for some support.
  39. Why Uber Is Stopping Its Service in AustinOh, the horror.
  40. Lyft to Test Driverless Cars in 2017, So Make Peace With Your God NowThe future is closer than you think.
  41. miscommunication
    Woman Jumps From Car, Convinced Deaf Lyft Driver Was Kidnapping HerShe broke her ankle.
  42. the money
    Can Lyft Pull an Avis?The ride-sharing service used to be recognized as the anti-Uber. Now the boundaries aren’t so clear.
  43. mutiny
    Why Many New York Drivers Prefer Lyft to UberWe took a sorta-scientific poll. The results were overwhelming.
  44. the taxi wars
    Uber Is Being Accused of More Shady Business TacticsThe taxi wars are getting really real.
  45. the taxi wars
    Uber and Lyft Both Launch Carpool Services to Let You Share Rides With StrangersMore backseat awkwardness, hooray!
  46. the taxi wars
    Lyft President on the Company’s NY Debut“I do think the pace at which we’re moving to create something new and the pace at which rules are created are at odds.”
  47. transportation
    Ride-Share App Lyft Will Not Launch in NYC Tonight [Updated] Thanks to New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.
  48. transportation
    Cars With Fuzzy Pink Mustaches Deemed Illicit in NYCThe city is challenging the ride-share start-up Lyft.
  49. the taxi wars
    Uber Competitor Lyft Launches in Brooklyn and QueensPink mustaches, welcome to New York.