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  1. How the White House Lies: What Jonathan Swift Has to Say About Kellyanne Conway“We’re putting conundrums on top of hypotheticals on top of conjecture here.”
  2. No, Democrats Don’t Need to Lie Like TrumpThe temptation to stretch the truth because it worked for Donald Trump is powerful, but it’s dangerous to the values of the Reality-Based Community.
  3. osama bin killed
    Osama bin Laden Was Opposed to … Lying?Killing thousands of people is cool, though. 
  4. the new adventures of old christine
    Fun With the Christine O’Donnell ArchivesShe would tell the Nazis about hidden Jews?
  5. early and often
    Peter King Calls Newsday a LiarHe didn’t say the things they said he said, he says.
  6. early and often
    Obama Toughens As McCain Is Exposed. Just Mind the Blowback.Could complaints about McCain’s dishonesty end up hurting Obama more than McCain’s dishonesty hurts McCain? Our head hurts just thinking about it.