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Lynne Patton

  1. politics
    NYC Tenants in RNC Video Say They Were Tricked“I am not a Trump supporter,” insisted one of the three tenants who claim they were misled about the purpose of their interviews.
  2. trump administration
    Trump HUD Appointee: ‘I Honestly Don’t Care’ About Violating Federal Hatch ActLynne Patton, a former Trump family event planner and current HUD administrator, is surprisingly honest about her Twitter use as a federal appointee.
  3. loyalists
    The ‘Chaos and Drama’ of Trump’s Woman in New YorkLongtime Trump-family employee Lynne Patton has brought her boss’s bombastic style to a HUD job formerly held by wonks and insiders.
  4. michael cohen testimony
    Republican Outraged When Congresswoman Calls His Trump Defense RacistAt Michael Cohen’s hearing, Mark Meadows and Rashida Tlaib argued over whether his effort to show Trump isn’t racist was “racist in itself.”
  5. HUD Official Says She Was Demoted for Not Making Ben Carson’s Office Fancier“$5,000 will not even buy a decent chair” could be a mantra for the Trump era in Washington.
  6. Trump Puts Event Planner in Charge of New York and New Jersey’s Housing ProgramsLynne Patton doesn’t have any experience in housing policy, but she does have a lot of experience working for the Trump family.