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  1. Mike Pence Has Already Descended Into MadnessOn Thursday morning, a visibly psychotic Pence described a “Donald Trump” that only he can see — one who has brought “the party together,” while promising to “stand by our allies.”
  2. vigilante vs machete
    Livery Cabbies Get Posse Together to Defend Their Own When confronted with a machete in Queens.
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    ‘Gossip Girl’ Will Return Before the Summer!If you’re wondering what’s going to happen now that the strike is over, head over to Vulture’s Poststrike Encyclopedia. They have a complete roster of what shows are coming back and when and how. And as far as we’re concerned, the best news is that Gossip Girl will be back to complete its season before the summer! They still have 9 of their 22 planned episodes to go. It will be back in April and might complete all the rest of the hour-long shows going into the summer. Guess what that means? Months more coverage of the Greatest Show of Our Time! And up to nine more exhaustive episode recaps! That’s okay, take a minute to revel in your own joy. We’d write more, but we think we just blacked out. Vulture’s Poststrike Encyclopedia: When Will My Show Be Back? [Vulture]