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Maggie Haberman

  1. the power trip
    Maggie Haberman on How She Covers Trump Without Losing Her MindA conversation about her critics, Trump family feuds, and the one time he used a fake baby in a photo op.
  2. tremendous content
    Bonkers Revelations From Maggie Haberman’s Trump Book, RankedIf you want more information on Trump being weird with toilets and belittling Jared Kushner, Confidence Man has you covered.
  3. the national interest
    Of Course President Trump Hates Maggie Haberman. Why Does the Left?The weird resistance campaign against the toughest and best White House reporter ever.
  4. Trump Attacks Comey and Haberman, Goes on Misspelling RampageThe president is worried, with good reason, that Michael Cohen is about to turn on him.