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Mahmoud Abbas

  1. Trump Gave Putin a Message to Pass Along to the PalestiniansPutin as middleman in the Middle East? What could go wrong?
  2. international intrigue
    Palestinian Leader Pissed Over Pro-Muhammad CartoonShortly after marching in support of freedom of speech.
  3. international intrigue
    11 Wounded in Grisly Stabbing Attack on Tel Aviv BusThe suspect was shot and arrested.
  4. Palestinian Leader Warns Jerusalem Headed Toward ‘Religious War’What peace talks?
  5. international intrigue
    Palestinian Leaders Call Holy-Site Closure a ‘Declaration of War’So much for peace prospects.
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    Jerusalem Terror Attack Kills Infant After Weeks of Rising TensionsA bloody day in Israel.
  7. Netanyahu Equates Hamas and ISIS in Another Controversial U.N. SpeechIsrael’s response to Abbas.
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    Palestinian Leader Accuses Israel of Genocide Remember, this is the one Israel doesn’t totally hate.
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    Palestinian Teen Killed in Possible Israeli Revenge AttackClashes have erupted in Jerusalem.
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    Israel Clashes With Protesters at Its BordersIsraeli troops fired on protesters who illegally crossed borders from Syria, Lebanon, and Gaza.
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    Palestine Papers: Al Jazeera’s Secret Documents on Concessions to IsraelThis does not look good for Palestine.
  12. international intrigue
    Hamas Launches Its Deadliest Attack in Two Years While Netanyahu Heads to the Peace TalksFour Israeli settlers, including a pregnant woman, were killed in the West Bank.