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Major Biden

  1. cat politics
    White House Cat Imminent, Bidens SayDespite a White House official warning that the cat will “break the internet,” the First Family is moving forward with the additional pet.
  2. white house
    Major Biden Being Sent Away for ‘Off-Site Private Training’The extra professional help, which follows a pair of biting incidents at the White House, will apparently last a few weeks.
  3. white house
    Biden Dog Bites AgainLess than a week after returning to the White House after biting a Secret Service member, Major bit someone on the White House South Lawn.
  4. white house
    The Boys Are Back in TownBiden’s dogs, Champ and Major, have returned to the White House two weeks after Major had a “biting incident” involving a Secret Service member.
  5. white house
    Biden’s Dog Bites ManThe president’s German shepherds were exiled to Delaware after one of them had a reported “biting incident” with White House security.