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  1. crime
    Two Men Exonerated in Malcolm X AssassinationConfirming long-held doubts about the assassination, Khalil Islam and Muhammad Aziz have been exonerated 55 years after their convictions.
  2. crimes and misdemeanors
    Malcolm X’s Grandson Killed in Mexico Over Bar Tab DisputeHe was 28.
  3. history
    Malcolm X Biographer: One of His Shooters Is Still Alive and Living in NewarkWell then.
  4. in other news
    The Washington Post Blames Us for Obama–Malcolm X Mix-upFirst they called it a technical error, now they’re calling it a hoax.
  5. in other news
    Washington Post Homepage Gets Its Black Icons Mixed UpWhen did President Obama become Malcolm X?
  6. intel
    Chris Smith: Tony Ricco’s Racial PoliticsIt’s textbook defense-lawyer strategy: dirty up the victim. And, yesterday, during opening arguments at the Sean Bell trial, the tactic was on full display, as the man who died in a hail of 50 NYPD bullets took a few more blows, this time to his reputation and character. Totally predictable, cringe-inducing — and entirely necessary if you’re defending the detectives who killed a seemingly defenseless man hours away from his wedding. What makes the argument far more interesting, and potentially more powerful, is the defense lawyer who’s using it. Anthony Ricco is one of the city’s most gifted defense attorneys. He also happens to be black and Muslim, and he favors fedoras and eyeglasses straight from the Malcolm X catalogue. While Ricco’s race helps mute the blue-versus-black story line and regularly draws him taunts from simplistic racial demagogues like councilman Charles Barron, the attitude Ricco deploys on behalf of his vilified clients is fascinatingly complicated.