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  1. dads
    Talking About Malia Going to College Turns Obama Into a ‘Crybaby’They grow up so fast.
  2. malia obama
    Cool D.C. Teen Malia Obama May Soon Become Cool NYC TeenMalia may soon become a jaded NYC college student.
  3. first daughters
    NFL Player Darnell Dockett Leers at 16-Year-Old Malia Obama on Instagram He was a big fan of a post captioned “When her prom?”
  4. first kids
    Meet the 4 Women Who (Sort of) Know What Sasha and Malia Are Going ThroughAmy Carter, Chelsea Clinton, and the Bush twins.
  5. first daughters
    A History of the Obama Girls Feigning Interest in First Daughter DutiesWe think we know who they got it from.
  6. dumb things
    Woman Who Told Obama Girls to ‘Show a Little Class’ Isn’t a GOP Staffer AnymoreThis was sort of inevitable.
  7. dumb things
    GOP Staffer Sorry for Telling Obama Girls to ‘Show a Little Class’Elizabeth Lauten didn’t appreciate Malia and Sasha’s “bar” attire.
  8. the most important people in the world
    Malia Obama Went to Lollapalooza, So You Are Now Officially OldImagine how the president feels.
  9. impressive things
    Malala Expresses Concerns About Drones During White House Visit “If we refocus efforts on education it will make a big impact.”
  10. photo op
    The Top Six Photos of the Obamas Taking PhotosHere they are. 
  11. first daughters
    President Obama Says He’s Fine with Malia Going on Dates Because there will always be an intimidating chaperone.
  12. scary things
    First Daughters’ School EvacuatedThe First Daughters are okay.
  13. first kids
    Political Kids’ Most Awkward Convention MomentsThe pitfalls of using your kids as props.
  14. first daughters
    Where’s Waldo?: Malia Obama and One Direction EditionThe first daughter saw a boy band last night, but not without a very discreet chaperone.
  15. equal rites
    President Obama Invokes Sasha and Malia, AgainHe does so very selectively.
  16. brief histories
    A Brief History of Teenage First DaughtersFrom Luci Johnson to Malia Obama.
  17. tweens
    The Obama Girls Are All Grown UpThat’s what they think, anyway.
  18. other obamas
    Malia Obama Is So Done With Children’s BooksThey grow up so fast.
  19. photo op
    Obama’s Family Not Skilled in the Art of Feigning Interest in Mundane ThingsAfter the space shuttle launch was delayed, the Obamas went with a more boring Plan B.
  20. obama is a human person
    Malia Obama Probably Wishes Michelle Hadn’t Shared That Anecdote on The ViewJust as embarrassing as your mom, except on national television.
  21. the great shutdown of 2011
    Obama Girls Definitely Rooting for a ShutdownIt would mean they don’t have to go to Colonial Williamsburg.
  22. obama is a human person
    Why Is This Man Smiling?Barack Obama and the girls enjoy a snack.
  23. secrets of the white house
    The Psychological Warfare of Sasha and Malia ObamaHow they try to destroy the confidence and self-esteem of the world’s most powerful man.
  24. health carnage
    Health-Care Reform Ruins Obama Family Vacation, AgainSpring break is TOTALLY RUINED for Sasha and Malia now.
  25. the first family circus
    Obama Outs Daughter Malia’s 73 Score on a Science TestSomewhere, Chelsea Clinton is grimacing in commiseration.
  26. panic-demics
    Sasha and Malia Have Indeed Gotten Their H1N1 ShotsWhew!
  27. panic-demics
    Eek! Sasha and Malia Aren’t Vaccinated for H1N1Let the controversy begin.
  28. the obamas are people too
    Dateline Martha’s Vineyard: Presidential-Kitsch WatchWhat, you thought we WEREN’T going to send a reporter to the island?
  29. the obamas are people too
    White House: Leave Malia and Sasha Alone on Martha’s VineyardBut can we play with Bo?
  30. early and often
    Obamas to Rent 28.5-Acre Martha’s Vineyard FarmAn island paper has figured out where the First Family will be spending their August vacation.
  31. puppies!!!!!!
    Puppy Arrives at White House, Immediately Takes ControlWorld, meet Bo Obama. Bo, this is the world.
  32. puppies!!!!!!
    The Most Important Dog in America Arrives at White HouseEverybody, meet Bo.
  33. gossipmonger
    Tommy Lee’s Plane Pulled Over for Erratic FlyingThankfully, he wasn’t behind the wheel. Plus, Mickey Rourke writes thank-you notes, and other surprises, in today’s gossip roundup.
  34. puppies!!!!!!
    Okay, What Should the Obamas Name Their Puppy?We know you have some ideas.
  35. obama transition
    Before Obamas Even Take Power, Malia and Sasha Calling the ShotsThey’re moving the family to Washington already.
  36. early and often
    Bush Twins: Obama Girls Are Cuter Than We AreTo be fair, they haven’t reached the Awkward Years yet.
  37. happy things
    Just in Time for Thanksgiving, Adorable Presidential-Family StoriesThis is exactly why we elected Malia and Sasha Obama.
  38. election hair of the dog
    Obama’s Really Important DecisionsYou think picking secretary of State is hard? Try choosing a school, church, chef, or dog!
  39. Malia and Sasha Obama Offered a Spot on ‘Hannah Montana’And Billy Ray thinks they’ll take it!
  40. election hangover
    Terrorist Fist-Jabs Backstage on Obama Victory NightA new set of adorable photos may have a sinister undertone. Okay, just kidding.
  41. early and often
    Obama’s Family Problems: How Hillary Clinton Fits InIn which we discover that Hillary Clinton is actually Barack Obama’s political mother-in-law.