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  1. holiday hacking
    Hackers Celebrate Holidays With Fake Amazon, Apple Receipt AttacksThe cyberwar on Christmas.
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    Google Chrome Extension ‘Archive Poster’ Secretly Mined CryptocurrencyA Chrome extension was covertly using users’ computers to mine for the cryptocurrency monero.
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    It’s So Easy to Infect Macs With Ransomware, You Could Do ItNo coding skills required.
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    What You Need to Know About the New ‘Judy’ MalwareSeemingly innocent games, like Fashion Judy: Magic Girl Style, have been found to be at the center of a massive malware attack.
  5. cybersecurity
    Envisioning the Hack That Could Take Down New York CityThe day cars drove themselves into walls and the hospitals froze. A scenario that could happen based on what already has.
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    The Sony Hackers Are Probably Still Out There and Still HackingThey’re known as “the Interviewers.”
  7. the internet
    Federal Agents Seize Control of Nasty Computer Virus NetworkBut it could be back in as little as two weeks.