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  1. manderson
    Man Freaks When Anderson Cooper Refuses SelfieReaaaaal mature.
  2. manderson
    Anderson Cooper Gently Explains to Alec Baldwin Why a Certain Slur Is Anti-GayCooper and Howard Stern discuss Baldwin and “c*cksucker.”
  3. manderson
    Anderson Cooper Has a Funny Story About His Elderly Mom and CunnilingusWho among us …
  4. manderson
    Anderson Cooper Was Temporarily Blinded by Light and Water [Update]He’s okay.
  5. manderson
    Anderson Cooper Reports That the Explosions in Gaza Are Rather Loud“That was a rather large explosion.”
  6. manderson
    Anderson Cooper’s Daytime Talk Show CanceledAnderson will not be coming back for a third season.
  7. manderson
    Beyoncé Tells Anderson Cooper That His Laugh Is ‘So Good’“But I laugh like a 12-year-old girl,” Cooper protests.
  8. the most important people in the world
    Breaking: Anderson Cooper Is Gay“The fact is, I’m gay, always have been, always will be … “
  9. manderson
    Anderson Cooper Does Not Take Pity on Gay-BasherHis stone-cold face is a wondrous thing to behold.
  10. manderson
    Anderson Cooper Crowned Pussy Willow PrinceBuffalo did not appreciate his giggle fit.
  11. manderson
    Let’s All Watch Anderson Cooper Giggle Uncontrollably for a Solid MinuteIt happened again. 
  12. manderson
    Anderson Cooper Rumored to Be Preparing Coming Out EpisodeAnderson Cooper is gay?
  13. manderson
    Anderson Cooper Is Totally Overwhelmed by Gérard Depardieu’s UrineLook at him giggle!
  14. manderson
    Anderson Cooper Runs Smack Into Ratings Monster Bill O’Reilly in the Eight O’Clock HourEven though he went to Africa!
  15. manderson
    Anderson Cooper Rides His Bike Without a HelmetOkay, we knew this. But now he’s on TV doing it.
  16. manderson
    Anderson Cooper Wants to Be the Next Phil DonahueHe’s already got the hair.
  17. photo op
    Anderson Cooper Is Dirty and ShirtlessHe’s at a volcano!
  18. party chat
    Kathy Griffin Also Has a Life-Size Cardboard Cutout of Anderson Cooper in Her HomeJust like Gloria Vanderbilt.
  19. manderson
    For His New Show, Manderson Will Be Behind GlassIt’ll tape at Jazz at Lincoln Center.
  20. cable news catfights
    Former CNN Anchor Aaron Brown Slams Eliot Spitzer, Anderson CooperOops!
  21. media
    Are We Going to See Reporters On-Camera in Egypt After This?It’s getting seriously dangerous in Cairo for foreign reporters.
  22. revolt like an egyptian
    Egyptian Thugs vs. American Television Anchors: The Complete Video SeriesChristiane Amanpour and Katie Couric get harassed.
  23. manderson
    Anderson Cooper Went to Egypt, Got Punched in the HeadPro-Mubarak supporters hit him ten times in the head.
  24. manderson
    When Anderson Cooper Was a Teenager, His Mom Took Him to a Movie About a Mother Seducing Her Teenage SonAwesome.
  25. manderson
    Anderson Cooper Continues to Be Adorable With His New GlassesAnd maybe on Valium.
  26. manderson
    Kathy Griffin Makes Anderson Cooper Sweat“The Most Trusted Name in News just got a whole lot more trusting.”
  27. manderson
    To Replace Oprah, Anderson Ditches the ‘Cooper’Last names? Where we’re going, we don’t need last names!
  28. manderson
    Here Is That Video of Anderson Cooper Dressed in a Bunny SuitWe know you’ve all been waiting.
  29. party chat
    Anderson Cooper Was Unaware That His Mother Has a Life-Size Cutout of Him in Her Living RoomThat means he probably doesn’t know about ours, either.
  30. manderson
    Anderson Cooper Calls Out Another Fully Grown Gay BullyIs Anderson Cooper a new gay-rights crusader?
  31. party chat
    If You Win a Charity Lunch With Anderson Cooper, You Can Have an Appetizer and Dessert“And I don’t do a lot on a first date, but if you behave and you’re charming, there may be a second and who knows?”
  32. manderson
    A Bunch of Monkeys Asked Anderson Cooper to Dress Up As a Giant BunnyThis is the second least plausible cover for a foray into plushie-ism we have ever heard in our lives.
  33. manderson
    Anderson to Follow in Footsteps of Rosie, EllenWell, when you put it that way, now we’re interested!
  34. manderson
    Could Anderson Cooper Be the Next Oprah? [Updated]CNN host negotiating for daytime talk show.
  35. brushes with greatness
    Spotted Last Night on Avenue CApparently, Eastern Alphabet City is the new West Village.
  36. manderson
    Other CNN Anchors Resent Anderson Cooper?Say it ain’t so!
  37. in other news
    Anderson Cooper Flirts With Talk-Show FormatAnd you can watch.
  38. manderson
    Anderson Cooper to Shark-Diving Cameraman: ‘Just Remember, If I Get Eaten Just Keep Rolling’“Because the only thing more stupid than being eaten would be being eaten and not having the videotape.”
  39. anderson cooper
    Cooper to Replace Couric on Evening News? [Updated]’Times’ says CBS has talked with Cooper about the job.
  40. manderson
    Anderson Cooper to Move Into Hot, Hot FirehouseThe studly CNN anchor is moving into a place equipped with brass poles and hoses.
  41. manderson
    Kathy Griffin, Anderson Cooper, and Lance Bass to Host CNN’s New Year’s BroadcastReally, CNN? Really?
  42. manderson
    There Is a Perfectly Logical Explanation for Anderson Cooper Being in a Rose-Filled Hot Tub With a Gay-Bar OwnerIt’s simple, really.
  43. manderson
    Madonna, Jesus Luz, Jessica Seinfeld, and Anderson Cooper Walk Into a BarWhat on earth did they talk about?
  44. manderson
    Anderson Cooper Wears Jeans Beneath the Anchor TableWe learned this disturbing fact from Suze Orman.
  45. manderson
    Anderson Cooper Is Renovating His ApartmentAnd it sounds like he may finally get a new bed!
  46. intel
    Wait, Are We Over Anderson Cooper’s Overconcern?Manderson tells Robert Mugabe “enough is enough,” and we start to feel like enough is enough.