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  1. scary stuff
    So This Is Why Manholes Keep Catching on FireThe explanation is very simple.
  2. scary things
    NYC’s Manholes Aren’t Handling the Weather Very Well They keep catching on fire. 
  3. crimes and misdemeanors
    Brooklyn Alchemist Turned Manhole Covers Into Cocaine, HeroinThere was a middle step, also.
  4. it just happened
    Actual Charred Evidence: The Condé Nast Manhole Cover There was indeed an explosion on Seventh Avenue earlier this afternoon, alongside the Condé Nast Building. It was indeed an exploding manhole cover, and indeed no one was hurt — or, for that matter, much inconvenienced. But, still, we’ve got the Actual Charred Evidence. Woo-hoo. BREAKING: Explosion in Front of Conde Nast Building [Gawker]