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Mannequin Challenge

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    These Astronauts Just Took One Giant Leap for Mannequin KindWatch the first ever #MannequinChallenge filmed in space.
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    Advice: Don’t Hold Guns in Your Mannequin Challenge VideoAlabama police arrested two men after a viral video made them suspicious.
  3. Blac Chyna Films Delivery-Room Mannequin Challenge and It’s PerfectKris Jenner and Rob Kardashian are in it, too.
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    Maybe I’m Amazed at Paul McCartney’s Mannequin ChallengePaul is not dead.
  5. Hillary Clinton Makes Final Case for Candidacy: She Can Do a Mannequin ChallengeHillary Clinton and Jon Bon Jovi look like creepy wax statues in her latest ad.
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    Entire High Schools Are Freezing in Place for This Viral ChallengeThe hot new trend is standing frozen in place.