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  1. catfishing
    NFL Still Trying to Figure Out Which Guys Are GayManti Te’o may have started a witch hunt.
  2. bons mots
    Manti Te’o Makes UnderstatementTwitter has “been a distraction for me.”
  3. catfish
    Ronaiah Tuiasosopo Finally Shows the World His ‘True Talent’The Manti Te’o hoaxster reveals the Lennay Kekua voice.
  4. catfish
    Manti Te’o Hoaxster Ronaiah Tuiasosopo Says He Might Be GayHe’s confused, he tells Dr. Phil. 
  5. manti te’o
    Dr. Phil Books First Interview With Manti Te’o’s Fake GirlfriendA.k.a. Ronaiah Tuiasosopo.
  6. catfish
    Manti Te’o Did Speak to a Woman on the Phone After AllIt was the mastermind’s cousin.
  7. catfish
    Manti Te’o Assures Katie Couric He’s Far From Gay“Far from it. Faaaar from it.”
  8. catfish
    Manti Te’o Apparently Even More Gullible Than Previously Thought [Updated]He was speaking on the phone with a man the whole time, the lawyer of the hoax’s mastermind claims.
  9. great hoaxes
    Manti Te’o’s Katie Couric Interview Won’t Answer the Remaining QuestionsThe Notre Dame star’s careful handling of the scandal leaves out the best parts.
  10. fake girlfriends
    Katie Couric Scores On-Camera Interview With Manti Te’oCan she get to the bottom of this fake-girlfriend debacle?
  11. fake girlfriends
    Manti Te’o Admits He Lied About Meeting His Fake Dead GirlfriendSays he “tailored” his stories, but is otherwise totally innocent.
  12. catfish
    The Mystery of the Prescient Manti Te’o Tweets Has Been SolvedTwo people seemingly unrelated to the hoax knew about it anyway a long time ago.
  13. catfish
    Te’o Got Real Girlfriend After Fake One’s DeathHow long must one mourn for a girlfriend one never met?
  14. blog-stained wretches
    Donald Trump Had a Sudden Change of Heart About Deadspin’s Manti Te’o StoryWonder why.
  15. the internet
    Catfish Star Nev Schulman Knows What Manti Te’o Is Going ThroughHe’s also defending his own fame.
  16. Frank Rich on the National Circus: Gun Control Needs More Than ObamaThis will take decades.
  17. hoaxes
    Notre Dame: Te’o Didn’t Lie About GirlfriendHorrified athletic director explains “Catfishing” is all the rage.
  18. tomorrow’s post headline today
    Tomorrow’s New York Post Manti Te’o Headline … Today!An insane story from the world of college sports.