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  1. office apocalypse
    New Glut CityThe city’s mega-office landlords are panicking, pivoting, and shedding what’s worthless. One opens his books.
  2. polls
    Survey: Most Americans Can’t Find Iran on a MapJust 23 percent of registered voters could pick out Iran on an unlabeled map of the world.
  3. select all
    For the Good of Society — and Traffic! — Delete Your Map AppCities and citizens alike are waging war against map apps.
  4. Apple Uses Betas Now Because It Bungled Maps So BadlyThe infamous 2012 screwup marked a turning point.
  5. crimes and misdemeanors
    Online Map Shows New Yorkers Exactly How Close They Are to a Former Crime SceneThanks, NYPD.
  6. stand clear of the closing doors
    New York City Subway Map Gets Super Mario–fiedCheck out this map. 
  7. sex
    Which NYC Neighborhoods Are Getting Laid the Most? Not Williamsburg!
  8. Map Does a Good Job of Demonstrating Just How Few People Voted YesterdayThe Upper West Side was into it, and that’s about it. 
  9. One Day in New York, As Visualized by Foursquare Check-InsWatch it. 
  10. que syria syria
    This Is Where Defense Department Employees Think Damascus IsGreece? India?
  11. que syria syria
    Can You Locate the Place We’re About to Bomb on a Map?Try it!
  12. great moments in cable news
    MSNBC Map Puts Every City in the Wrong SpotDid they just guess?
  13. early and often or not at all
    Do People in Your Neighborhood Vote?Probably not!
  14. Map Color-Codes Each Building in Brooklyn by AgeThis is cool.
  15. neighborhood news
    Map Shows What Each Neighborhood of New York City Complains About the MostWhich ‘hood has a “loud talking” problem?
  16. stand clear of the closing doors
    Where Not to Live If You Hate Long CommutesBefore you get a new apartment, help yourself with this interactive map. 
  17. transportation
    New Yorkers Will Never Get Lost on Citi BikesIf they’re ever installed.
  18. master debaters
    Mitt Romney’s Nonsensical Middle-East GeographySyria is Iran’s route to the sea?
  19. mta
    New Yorkers Can Now Learn About Weekend Subway Delays in StyleThe MTA has a fun new way to tell you your train isn’t working.
  20. the future is coming
    Where Google Street View Is Going, It Doesn’t Need StreetsTo Antarctica!
  21. ground zero mosque
    Newt Gingrich Willing to Allow Mosque in New York If It’s 80 Blocks Away From Ground ZeroThey can build their downtown mosque near Central Park or Columbia.
  22. maps
    Where We’re Coming FromA map shows from just where in America new New Yorkers have arrived.
  23. early and often
    Al Franken Draws Map of the United StatesTell us if we’re wrong to think this is kind of cool.
  24. neighborhood news
    100 Years on the New York Subway SystemSomeone made a map that shows how ridership at every station on the New York City subway has changed over the past 100 years.
  25. in other news
    Water, Water, Everywhere Today’s Times reports on a new study showing that “the very character of the Northeast is at stake” if greenhouse gases aren’t controlled, as we mentioned earlier. One issue: What are now considered once-a- century floods could within 90 years be hitting New York City every decade. Gothamist points us to a map from that study, showing what we can expect that decennial flood to look like. This map only shows the financial district, and we’re thrilled about that. At least now we don’t have to look at our West Village neighborhood engulfed. Map of the Day: If NYC Flooded Every 10 Years… [Gothamist]
  26. intel
    With Street View, Google Has Won Victory Over Ourselves. We Love Big Google. As you may have heard, Google this week rolled out another beta feature that will soon, depending on how things play out, either prove an innocuous time-waster or some sort of privacy-ending, terror-enabling, total-surveillance nightmare. It’s Street View, and it’s exactly what it sounds like: a ground-level Google Earth that plants you smack in the middle of a street rather than floating above it. New York is one of the few cities to get the early treatment, with most of the Manhattan grid and good chunks of the outer boroughs already covered. Once plopped down at an intersection of your choosing, you can take in a 360-degree view or “walk” up and down the block; storefronts distend woozily around you, and parked vehicles dissolve into nothing where the photos are stitched together. As trippy as the experience is, we’re a little intrigued about Street View’s next step. What happens when the company photogs have traversed all the places with, you know, streets? Volunteers roaming every hill and dale taking pictures? Flying unmanned Googledrones scouring the countryside? Of course. Street View demo [Google]