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Marc Ambinder

  1. interview
    The Week’s Marc Ambinder on What’s Wrong (and Right) With the Media“We like to pretend that every story we write is akin to the movie version of All the President’s Men.”
  2. early and obvious
    People Have Sex With Other People in D.C. Marc Ambinder has the, uh, scoop.
  3. food
    Tim Russert’s Death May Have Saved Marc Ambinder’s LifeIt was the tragic loss of the NBC host that led the ‘Atlantic’ writer to take drastic steps to salvage his health.
  4. in other news
    White House Takes on Politico with Jokey E-mailLook who has a sense of humor.
  5. america’s sweetheart
    Can Sarah Palin Stage a Comeback?What she’d have to do to become the GOP’s presidential nominee.