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Marc Dreier

  1. ballsy crimes
    Former SEC Lawyer, Accomplice to Dreier, Pleads Guilty to Impersonating CanadiansRobert Miller faces up to twenty years in prison after helping Marc Dreier sell bogus securities by impersonating foreigners on phone calls to hedge funds.
  2. dancing queens
    Before His Ponzi Scheme Was Uncovered, Marc Dreier Danced Like No One Was WatchingThankfully, someone was.
  3. ballsy crime
    Marc Dreier Blames 9/11 and Real-estate Envy for Making Him a Criminal“I wanted to be happy again,” the lawyer explains of why he started a $380 million Ponzi scheme.
  4. career counseling
    How to Distance Yourself From Your Former Employer, the Famous LiarObfuscate, cover up, whitewash — just lie, basically — advises a career counselor.
  5. ballsy crime
    Sexy Camisole Found in Marc Dreier’s ApartmentSomeone was getting some action on penthouse arrest.
  6. ballsy crime
    Important Artifacts and Personal Property From the Collection of Marc DreierA half-eaten raspberry-peach pie, seven pairs of shoes, and a sign reading “Welcome to the Dreier Residence” go on sale today at the Bloomberg building.
  7. ballsy crime
    Judge Gives Marc Dreier Twenty Years, Hits Him Where It Hurts“He is no Mr. Madoff by any estimation.”
  8. ballsy crime
    Marc Dreier: ‘I Just Lost My Mind’Disgraced lawyer says he started $400 million Ponzi scheme because he was “overwhelmed by the anxieties of life.”
  9. real estate porn
    Sleep Where Marc Dreier Slept!(With hookers.)
  10. ballsy crime
    Marc Dreier Has Joined the Group ‘Most Egregious Frauds in History’The New York lawyer pleads guilty to a $700 million fraud, and gains admittance to the last elite club that will have him.
  11. daily intel solves it!
    Daily Intel’s Solution to the Hamptons Homelessness ProblemThere’s homeless people living in the woods in Southampton, and we have just the place for them to stay.
  12. the impersonator
    Now We Know Where Marc Dreier’s Stolen Money WentA Hollywood madam says he was a frequent client.
  13. in the magazine
    Marc Dreier Gets His DueThe insane story of the lawyer who bilked hedge funds out of millions.
  14. that’s weird
    Scheming Lawyer Marc Dreier Has a Video of Salma Hayek on His WallNo, it’s not the breastfeeding one.
  15. ballsy crime
    Judge Approves Triplex Arrest for Marc DreierThe lawyer’s move back home comes with a lot of restrictions — but you can still call him!
  16. the greatest depression
    The Dirty Dozen: Intel’s Guide to the Cheats, Crooks, and Con Artists of the Greatest DepressionThe gang’s all here!
  17. ballsy crimes
    Marc Dreier Breaks Parenting As Well As Federal LawsThe lawyer accused of running a fake hedge fund bribed his son with a $12 million treat.
  18. ballsy crimes
    Meet Marc Dreier’s (Alleged!) Partner in CrimeKosta S. Kovachev, who allegedly helped lawyer Mark Dreier sell fake promissory notes, has a colorful, criminal past.
  19. ballsy crimes
    The Week in RoguesFrom Blagojevich to Madoff, the Giant Scumbag ruled this week.
  20. ballsy crimes
    Marc Dreier Is the ‘Houdini of Impersonation’The Park Avenue lawyer charged with duping hedge funds had his bail hearing today.