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Marc Mezvinsky

  1. the clintons
    Chelsea Clinton’s Baby Is Here, and She Didn’t Name It Liam [Updated]Clinton and husband Marc Mezvinsky went with Charlotte.
  2. the most important people in the world
    ‘Page Six’ Thinks Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky Are Doing Everything for Their BenefitThe gossip column has its eye on those two kids.
  3. the most important people in the world
    The Husband of the Daughter of the Guy Who Used to Be the President Is a Ski BumMarc Mezvinsky is leaving his banking job for a bit.
  4. rosh hashanah
    Spotted: Chelsea Clinton at NYU’s Rosh Hashanah Service“Though she didn’t seem to know the prayers, she stood up at appropriate times and generally blended in with the congregation.”
  5. photo op
    Spotted: Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky, Married, NeckingIn love.
  6. the most important wedding in the world
    Inevitable Backlash Against Chelsea Clinton Wedding BeginsApparently the interfaith aspect of it was more problematic than you’d have guessed.
  7. the most important wedding in the world
    Residents of Rhinebeck Too Terrified to Discuss Chelsea’s WeddingNobody will tell reporters all the important secrets that people care about for some reason.
  8. the most important wedding in the world
    Bill Clinton Is Going to Try So Hard to Not Upstage Chelsea at Her Wedding“But I may not be able to do it.”
  9. no fat wedding pictures
    Chelsea Clinton Put Her Father on a Wedding DietTo be fair, it is a summer wedding.
  10. bill clinton
    Bill Clinton Will Not Embarrass Chelsea at Her WeddingShe hopes.
  11. clintonography
    Chelsea Clinton Actually Engaged NowHappy Thanksgiving, Bill and Hill!
  12. brushes with greatness
    Spotted: Chelsea Clinton at Starbucks “She looks not exactly ecstatic,” our tipster observes.