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  1. Senate GOP Working Overnight to Pass Its Hastily Revised Tax BillIt was brought to the Senate floor in an unwieldy mess after long delays, but that won’t keep Republicans from passing this unpopular tax bill.
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    Donald Trump Pulls a Rubio and Gulps From a Big-Boy Bottle of WaterThe president’s thirst is real.
  3. Trump’s Immigration Flip-FlopHis astonishing (if shaky) deal with Democrats is a miniature version of the immigration reform efforts that divided the GOP in the recent past.
  4. How the GOP Can Prove It Isn’t a Party for White SupremacistsRepublicans need to do a lot more than say the right words about Nazis to atone for their role in the revival of the racist right.
  5. Making Sense of Trump’s Announcement About DreamersHe left in place a policy protecting young undocumented immigrants while canceling protections for their parents. It’s unclear what’s next.
  6. Marco Rubio Wins Florida Senate Race, Saves CareerAfter a disastrous presidential bid, Rubio retains his Senate seat — and the hope that he might be the future of his party again, someday.
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    Why Are Senate Democrats Letting Marco Rubio Win?A choice they might regret in four years.
  8. Despite Close Race, Democrats Stop Spending Against Rubio in FloridaThe DSCC cancels $6 million in ad reservations, leaving Democratic Senate candidate Patrick Murphy on his own down the homestretch.
  9. Trump Has Forced Establishment Republicans to Switch Sides in the TPP FightGOP Senate candidates Marco Rubio and Pat Toomey were staunch supporters of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Then Trump seized control of their party.
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    The Second-Strangest Political Campaign of the SeasonFlorida’s Senate race has it all: “Liddle” Marco, Cayman Islands chicanery, a yacht named Cocktails, and a very stubborn Alan Grayson.
  11. What Cruz, Rubio, & Walker Need to Do at the RNCThree pols who lost to Trump but probably still see a future president in the bathroom mirror each morning face interesting challenges.
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    Republicans Hope to Give Marco Rubio His Dream Opponent in Florida Senate RaceA scandal involving the Establishment Democrat may help prop up his less-electable primary opponent.
  13. Rubio Comes Full Circle, Will Run for ReelectionHe has discovered he doesn’t have anything better to do with himself than to run for a second term in the Senate.
  14. Will Rubio Risk Running for Reelection?He is hardly a slam dunk if he jumps into the Senate race at the last minute. If he loses, he’d be severely damaged goods.
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    Marco Rubio: Orlando Shootings Are My Excuse to Break Senate PromiseSome good can come of this tragedy, if Republicans can save a Senate seat.
  16. Marco Rubio Flips, Then Flops, Then Flips AgainRubio’s circuitous path continues with sudden enthusiasm for Trump and maybe a reconsideration of his retirement from the Senate.
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    Marco Rubio Will Support Trump Because Anyone Is Better Than Hillary ClintonThe Republican nominee’s once-promising challenger says he wants to “be helpful.”
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    Rubio Goes on Twitter Rant About Washington Post“They just make it up.”
  19. Rubio: I Will Vote for the ‘Con Artist’Rubio says he “stands by” his past statements about Trump, but will still vote for the candidate whom he has called “wholly unprepared to be president of the United States.”
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    Marco Rubio Goes From #NeverTrump to Ready for TrumpHow shocking to see Rubio abandon the principles he had expounded with such conviction!
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    Rubio Asks to Keep His Delegates in Plot to ‘Stop Trump’The unprecedented move could boost the likelihood of a contested convention.
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    Arizona Is Good to Trump, But Cruz Hangs On Thanks to UtahMeanwhile, Kasich loses to zombie candidate Rubio in Arizona and gets skunked on delegates for the night. 
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    Jeb Bush Loaned His Own Campaign $250,000 Last Month. Sad!As a certain front-runner would say.
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    Retire the Notion That Trump Hijacked the GOPThere was no Establishment after all.
  25. Bush Super-Pac Honcho on Blowing Through $100MMike Murphy says out loud what others just think about the GOP nominating contest.
  26. Marco Rubio Blames Failed Campaign on Unfair Media Coverage“When the media is constantly telling you, ‘So-and-so is winning and so-and-so is losing,’ it impacts voters.”
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    The End of Marco Rubio’s Campaign Is a Dodged Bullet for AmericaThe second Bush presidency that never was.
  28. The Republican Establishment Goes to Plan C: John KasichFirst there was Jeb “Shock and Awe” Bush, and then the extremely popular Marco Rubio. Now it’s Kasich’s turn.
  29. Marco Rubio Doesn’t Need Polls to Know He’s LosingLike a cranky old jock who hates these newfangled statistics, Rubio claims he doesn’t look at the numbers.
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    March 15 GOP Primaries: Can Anyone Stop Trump?Tuesday could produce a Trump nomination, a Trump-Cruz showdown, or a contested convention. 
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    Climate Change and Conservative Brain DeathMarco Rubio embodies a brain-dead party Establishment that deserves to perish.
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    Heckler Thinks Marco Rubio Stole His GirlfriendLittle Marco’s got game.
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    Cruz Wins Wyoming, Rubio Wins DC in Latest VotingNext up are the massive primaries on Tuesday.
  34. Cruz, Kasich, Rubio Dividing Turf to Beat TrumpThey are officially staying out of each other’s way to maximize the odds of someone beating Trump in all five states. After that, all bets are off.  
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    Civil Debate Fuels Hope for Cruz and Rubio’s Anti-Trump AllianceThe rumored deal would let Trump and Cruz go head-to-head, avoiding a contested convention.
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    The Republican Candidates Let Donald Trump Win#NeverTrump feels like a long, long time ago.
  37. What Happens When Republican Candidates Stop Being Real and Start Getting PoliteThursday’s GOP debate felt less like a reality show, and that’s probably good news for Donald Trump.
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    Republicans Who Begged Rubio to Save Them Now Telling Him to QuitYou effed up — you trusted us.
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    Rubio Plan Would’ve Barred His Parents From U.S.“My parents came in 1956. The world is a different place from 1956.”
  40. Rubio’s Last Hope: Maybe Florida’s Polls Are As Wrong As Michigan’s Were?Finally out of excuses, the GOP Establishment heartthrob Rubio must pull an upset in his home state to stay alive as a candidate.
  41. It’s Now Clear That Trump Is the Only National Candidate in the GOP FieldHe’s able to count on a sizable vote anywhere and everywhere, and possesses a strategic flexibility his rivals can only dream of.
  42. Florida Mayors Demand Climate-Change Questions at Miami Primary DebatesA bipartisan coalition of Florida mayors really doesn’t want to see the ocean swallow their cities. 
  43. Another Accusation of Cruz Campaign Dirty TricksExactly how desperate is Marco Rubio to pick up a delegate in Hawaii tonight? 
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    Oregon Man Launches Trump Has Tiny Hands PACMaybe Trump isn’t qualified to run after all?
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    Romney Sort of Endorses Rubio, Florida Newspaper Goes With ‘None of the Above’These days, even good news for Rubio is kind of sad.
  46. Donald Trump Takes Big Swing at ‘Little Marco’ in Florida AdThe GOP civil war is taking over Florida’s airwaves
  47. Rubio Has Found the Problem With Momentum-Based Campaign StrategiesBuilding surges in support with debates and endorsements is great until it isn’t.
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    Trump Falls, But the Anti-Trumps Fall FasterThe Republican Party now turns its eyes to Ted Cruz to save it.
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    Why, Exactly, Is Trump Driving Conservatives So Crazy?The answer is not his character.
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    Rubio Wins Puerto Rico, But Does It Even Matter?At this point, Rubio’s continued presence in the race is tantamount to supporting Trump.
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