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Marcus Bachmann

  1. bachmann ambition overdrive
    Marcus Bachmann Is Trying Too HardInappropriate.
  2. bachmann ambition overdrive
    Inside the ‘Barbie Jet’ With Michele Bachmann and the Silver FoxBand name? Or details from a meaty ‘New Yorker’ profile on the candidate?
  3. bachmann ambition overdrive
    Michele Bachmann’s Home District Is a Nexus for Teen SuicideGay kids, or kids perceived to be gay, are having a really hard time there.
  4. america!
    Marcus Bachmann’s Clinic Is the Latest Target to Be ‘Glitter Bombed’Glitter! Glitter! Glitter!
  5. no good deed unnoticed
    Did Michele Bachmann Get Her Lesbian Stepsister Tickets to the Obama Inauguration?Video of Bachmann’s stepsister at inauguration has 10,000 views this week alone.
  6. bachmann ambition overdrive
    Blogger Who Posted Marcus Bachmann’s ‘Barbarians’ Remark: ‘I Didn’t Doctor a Damn Thing’He says Bachmann is lying.
  7. dancing with bigots
    Michele Bachmann’s Problem With Gay People Could Soon Become a Problem for HerEspecially when she starts using words like ‘garbage,’ ‘evil,’ and ‘enslavement’ to describe the lifestyle.