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  1. early and often
    Marianne Williamson Will ‘Harness Love’ Again and Run for PresidentThe self-help guru is taking on Biden in the 2024 Democratic primary, hoping to capture the vote of the nation’s woo-woo extended relatives.
  2. vision 2020
    Why Candidate Alliances Could Matter in Iowa CaucusesMarianne Williamson backing Andrew Yang is a reminder of how alliances can aid candidates scrambling to cross the viability threshold on caucus night.
  3. politics
    Marianne Williamson Has Mindfully Dropped OutThe self-described “bitch for God” and vanquisher of dark psychic forces has ended her presidential campaign.
  4. vision 2020
    Why Nobody Can Prevent the All-White Debate StageThere’s no formula for adding nonwhite candidates to debates that won’t add more white candidates as well, reversing the winnowing of the nonviable.
  5. vision 2020
    How Many Candidates Can Survive a Bad Showing in Iowa?There are traditionally “three tickets out of Iowa,” but there may be four this time around.
  6. vision 2020
    Why Haven’t More Democratic Presidential Candidates Dropped Out?There are seven candidates being left off the stage in the October (and probably November) debates, who for various reasons haven’t been “winnowed.”
  7. just asking questions
    Marianne Williamson on Climate, Prayer, and the Media Elite’s Blind Spots“Sometimes the political media talk about what the people think through the filter of what they think.”
  8. vision 2020
    October Debates Could Go Back to Two Nights As Steyer QualifiesEleven candidates have qualified for the October round of Democratic presidential debates in Ohio. That’s one more than any stage can hold.
  9. marianne williamson
    Marianne Williamson Spars With Erica Jong Over Hurricane Prayer TweetThe candidate did not take kindly to criticism over her suggestion to pray the hurricane away.
  10. vision 2020
    September Democratic Primary Debates: Who’s in, Who’s OutThe good news is that there will probably be only one debate in September. The bad news is that there might be two in October.
  11. vision 2020
    Where Does Marianne Williamson Actually Stand on Vaccines?The candidate’s prescriptions for the structural, spiritual revival of the body politic often fail when it comes to the human body.
  12. vision 2020
    Gravel ’20 Is DoneIt was an improbable social-media based effort run by teenagers bristling with hostility to the “American empire,” but they made a mark.
  13. vision 2020
    Why You Can’t Ignore Marianne WilliamsonMock her all you want, but Marianne Williamson speaks to people horrified by Trump who aren’t satisfied with policy papers.
  14. vision 2020
    Cory Booker Has Lost That Loving FeelingBeing the candidate of love and unity hasn’t worked too well for Cory Booker. Looks like he is trying some angry aggressiveness instead.
  15. vision 2020
    Marianne Williamson Gives a Loving Lift to Fellow Peacemonger Mike GravelWhen’s the last time a candidate helped a rival raise money? Never?
  16. vision 2020
    Will the Debate Put Mayor Pete’s Campaign Back on Track?Buttigieg had a good debate performance, and was properly contrite in addressing a recent police shooting in his city. But he has more work to do.
  17. la-li-lu-le-lo
    Are These Quotes From Marianne Williamson or Metal Gear Solid?Marianne Willamson. Hideo Kojima. Two great minds, linked on the astral plane.
  18. democratic debates
    Marianne Williamson’s Weirdest, Most Wonderful Debate MomentsDuring Thursday’s Democratic debate, the self-help guru shifted the conversation in unexpected directions, from New Zealand to the moon.
  19. democratic debates
    Snap Judgments of All 7,000 Democratic CandidatesA two-hour debate is not enough time to develop nuanced opinions. But it’s plenty of time to develop totally unfair assessments of each candidate.
  20. marianne williamson
    Who Would Play Marianne Williamson on Saturday Night Live?Intelligencer staffers discuss the evening’s most important question.
  21. encounter
    Marianne Williamson Makes a Case for a Recovery PresidencySixty-eight minutes with the self-help guru – and 2020 dark horse – who sees “both sides” on vaccines.
  22. vision 2020
    Warren, Beto, Biden, and Bernie Get Center-Stage Positions at First DebatesO’Rourke, who hasn’t been polling that well, got lucky with his debate placement.
  23. vision 2020
    De Blasio ’20 Is Ridiculous, But Not That RidiculousNow that the mayor has ignored everyone’s advice and is running for president, it’s time to treat him just like any other doomed candidate.
  24. vision 2020
    Marianne Williamson Is a Lefty With SoulAt a time when progressivism is more influential than ever in the Democratic Party, this spiritual guru is the most progressive of the 23 candidates.