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Marie Yovanovitch

  1. the national interest
    Tape Records Trump Ordering Goons to Get Rid of Ambassador YovanovitchFour takeaways from another explosive piece of evidence Republicans don’t care about.
  2. civil service
    Ambassador Yovanovitch Led by ExampleHer steadfast testimony was civil service of the highest order, but she can’t save our democracy from Trump and his enablers by herself.
  3. impeachment
    How a Tweet from Trump Scrambled the GOP’s Impeachment StrategyEven the best laid plans are no match for a president who can’t stop weighing in.
  4. impeachment recap
    Weekly Impeachment Recap: Mainstream-Cable Jetsons Meet the Fox News FlintstonesThis week’s installment of impeachment was a crossover episode — a Jetsons Meet the Flintstones for the Hannity and Maddow Cinematic Universes.
  5. trump impeachment
    House GOP Treats Yovanovich With Respect As Trump Calls Her ‘Bad News’Once again, Trump’s defenders are claiming “no harm, no foul,” even as he continues to smear a career diplomat.
  6. the national interest
    Impeachment and the Stone Verdict Show Trump Is Surrounded by CriminalsRoger Stone is guilty, Trump’s goons shook down Ukraine, and Rudy Giuliani might be next.
  7. impeachment hearings
    Trump Accused of Real-Time Witness Intimidation Over Tweet Attacking YovanovitchWe may have watched Trump add to the articles of impeachment against him on Friday morning.