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Marijuana Legalization

  1. politics
    Biden Pardons Thousands of Marijuana Charges, ‘Dank Brandon’ Memes FollowThe president frees up federal weed policy.
  2. politics
    New Yorkers With Pot Convictions to Open First DispensariesNew York’s first marijuana-retail licenses will go to people who have been convicted of pot-related offenses or to their family members.
  3. high times
    The Complete Guide to Legal Weed in New YorkWhere to smoke, how to buy, and more.
  4. business
    Who’s Getting Rich From Weed Legalization in New York?Legal protections for minority-owned businesses are robust, but due to the nature of the industry, large sums of cash could still flow to big firms.
  5. marijuana legalization
    What Legal Weed Means for New York Right NowThe law has major implications beyond its most visible effects.
  6. marijuana legalization
    Excellent Weed Legalization Bill Dies in New Jersey SenateThe bill would have wiped away the criminal records of low-level drug offenders and guaranteed licenses to small, minority-owned businesses.
  7. vision 2020
    Kamala Harris: I’ve Smoked Weed and ‘I Did Inhale’California’s former attorney general says weed “gives a lot of people joy and we need more joy in this world.”
  8. just asking questions
    A Civil Debate With Pot-Legalization Critic Alex BerensonTalking to the author of Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence.
  9. marijuana legalization
    From Drug War to Dispensaries: An Oral History of Weed Legalization’s First WaveIn the 1990s, state policies on marijuana were draconian. Then, an unlikely alliance that included George Soros and the Men’s Wearhouse CEO emerged.
  10. New Jersey Governor Vows to Legalize Weed, Cuomo Promises to Think About ItPhil Murphy pledged to legalize weed in his inauguration speech. Meanwhile, Andrew Cuomo announced the formation of a panel to study the issue.
  11. A Medical Marijuana User’s Message to Jeff Sessions“I’m not looking for a high. I’m looking for relief from the chronic pain this illness has visited upon me.”
  12. Democrats Should Get Higher on Weed in 2018There aren’t a lot of policies that both energize the liberal base and appeal to a majority of GOP voters. Marijuana legalization is one.
  13. New Jersey Election Preview: Dems Quietly on the Road to a Unified GovernmentThe intense unpopularity of both Chris Christie and Donald Trump in New Jersey made a Democratic victory this year inevitable.
  14. Poll Finds Support of Legal Weed at 64 Percent, an All-time HighFor the first time, a majority of Republicans want to see marijuana legalized.
  15. interesting times
    Yes, I’m Dependent on WeedAnd perfectly happy to be so.
  16. Obama Says Marijuana Should Be Treated Like AlcoholBut he is resigned to letting the federal government keep treating it like heroin.
  17. Will the Trump Administration Launch a Civil War Over Legal Weed?Trump’s pick for attorney general is America’s leading opponent of legal pot. Will Jeff Sessions enforce federal prohibition or honor states’ rights?
  18. early and often
    It’s Been a Historic Election for MarijuanaThe country is going to pot, but not in the way you think.
  19. Progressives Are Headed for Big Election Day Wins on Wages, Weed, and GunsNo matter who wins the presidency.
  20. Marijuana Can Fix Hillary Clinton’s Biggest ProblemIf Clinton wins over millennials, she’ll almost certainly win the White House. And the best cure for millennial apathy is legal weed.
  21. Big Beer Takes on Little Weed at the Ballot BoxThe alcohol industry is bankrolling efforts to defeat this fall’s ballot initiatives on marijuana legalization.
  22. Americans Are Smoking a Lot More Weed, But It’s Totally ChillThe number of Americans who use marijuana is going up — but the number who abuse the drug is going down.
  23. Colorado Teens Smoke Weed Less Now That It’s LegalA new survey finds that the teens are all right.
  24. Why Hillary Clinton Should Support Bernie Sanders’s Weed BillIf Clinton means what she says about marijuana, she should support ending federal prohibition of the drug.
  25. weed
    Ohio Voters Defy Nick Lachey, Reject Legalized MarijuanaAdvocates say people are against creating a corporate “marijuana monopoly,” not legalization itself.